My Hopes are Gone

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A short piece of poetry. Full critique is accepted.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011




My hopes are gone and here I lay

My time is short to remember and forgive

Watching at the clock while my time decays

I feel free yet with so much to give


As I focus on the white ceiling

I remember the times we spent together

Such an intense feeling

As that winter that seemed would last forever


As it snowed outside and the night went on fast

And I held your hand and looked into your eyes I knew

It would be the night when our love would be consumed at last

Little did we know that a new life was conceived inside you


Later when it was the beginning of spring

When you gave me the news, at first I didn’t knew what to think

The right thing to do was to offer you the ring

But instead as a coward I escaped as you gave a blink


I feel the desire for you, my blood to find these words yourself

But deep within I know they were never meant to be read, only delayed

I only wish I could go back and offer that ring along with myself

My hopes are gone and here I lay

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