The Stranger?

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In search for the stranger...

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



I opened the door as quietly as I could and left the room. Taking one last look inside the room through the window, I set out on my journey; I set out in search of the stranger.


The stranger had appeared out of nowhere in my mother’s room. About four hours ago, my mother had entered a room with my father, an old, serious-looking lady and two other women dressed in the same light blue clothes. Everybody else had waited outside and looked tensed. After about an hour my father appeared out of the room, along with the stranger and everybody looked relieved – happy to be more accurate – but I could not help but wonder where the stranger had come from. I was sure the stranger had not entered with my mother. Also, the room had been empty when my mother had gone in. All of this made me wonder more and more so I decided that I would find out who the stranger was.


I walked past my mother’s room. The place where she was staying was very big and had many large, similar rooms filled with machines and equipments and beds with people in white coats and light blue uniforms marching about like busy bees. One of these blue-uniformed women had taken the stranger to a special room on this very floor but I did not know where she had gone with the stranger. My search, I thought, would be a very long one.

I walked past another few rooms but each had its curtains pulled so I could not see what was going on inside. There was one room, however, where the curtain was not drawn so I looked inside. Lying on a large bed in the middle of the room was an old man with a mask. A young lady was sitting next to him holding his hand. My mother had been lying on a similar bed, and people had also held her hands in theirs. I wondered if a stranger had appeared in this man’s room as well.


When I resumed on my journey, I saw that only a few rooms were left. Hoping that the curtains in these few rooms were not drawn and that the stranger was in one of these last rooms, I continued. Soon, I reached the last room. The stranger had not been in those other rooms and I really wished I could find the stranger in here. I looked through the window and there I saw the stranger. Strangely though, I recognized the face immediately.


A mixture of confused, excited, happy and scared feelings rushed through my blood as I opened the door to the room where the stranger slept among many other strangers. However, the stranger I was looking for was right in the front. I approached, silently, the bed on which the stranger was lying. Taking a good look at the stranger, I noticed the extremely similar features we had – the same tiny mouth, the same flat nose, and the same round eyes. I touched the stranger’s hand, much smaller than mine and the stranger beamed a toothless smile at me.


Suddenly, the door of the room opened and I got scared. It was my father and he said, “Oh, there you are, son. I had been looking for you everywhere. It seems to me that you have found your younger sister, Evangeline. Congratulations dear, you are a big brother now!” I looked at him and then back at the stranger. The stranger was Evangeline, my baby sister.

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