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This poem is kinda a tribute to Eminem's song "Going Through Changes." I hope you like it, it was a random idea I know, but I like random ideas. Sometimes they get you places.

Submitted: October 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 20, 2010



Why? I’m not what you want, or what you need. So why do you scream out my name?

It was fun, I laughed, I posed, I acted like a trained circus dog. I dressed like a star should, I talked like a star should. And I shined like every star dreams of.

But yet after awhile you began to taunt and haunt me. You followed me like a dead spirit wanting it’s revenge. Your tongues lashed out questions that were speeding at me to fast, to fast for me to dodge.

You dig, more then anyone else did, you hurt others to get things your way. You hurt others to get to me. Not because you were concerned or cared about me, but because you wanted it. The money.

My friends, they were never my friends. Was I so blind to see that? They brag and boast about knowing me.

What’s so important about me?

I’m getting annoyed, I get so annoyed I draw a line. A weak line to you but to me it feels like the protection of a thousand knights.

Your cursed way kill my knights and drive me over my line, my own line.

This isn’t worth it... Why do you ‘love’ me so much? My music, my acting, my writing, my dancing? You don’t take it as fun; and either am I nowadays.

No one bothers about me; everyone says they love me and want me. But do they know me. I know they don’t because they don’t know what is going through my head.

Pills and drugs, I’ve tried it. I’ve gotten high and drunk in one night and yet it doesn’t do anything. The only thing it does is hurt me more.

Hurt.... Sleepless nights...... Headaches.....

This isn’t life, this is a living hell. With you and your demons dancing around me, torturing me in every way you can think of.

Decision Time.

Midnight, the moon looking down at me. I wonder if he’ll even turn his back on me and tell you everything.

I grab it.

It feels like it’s pulsing with death. I suppose it is.

Then I wince and everything goes numb, after a loud and disturbing, BANG!

This is your fault... I blame you....... You’re the one that hurt me........ I don’t care any longer about you...


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