a smile, hope in one hand, love in the other.

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a man changed with a smile...

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



Some people are real negative, or maybe it was just that guy with the beard. He wore an old worn Yankee's cap and jeans with holes. His shirt was just a size too big and his hair hung in front of his glassed eyes which focused on one spot all too long. This man's shoes were beaten and abused with holes in the heels and toes. And not to be forgoten was his dented and scratched beat up wheel chair that never moved so straight.
This tethered man wore no jacket, had no money, and had only one can of beer. Some men called him lucky for what he had. But this man was no ordinary man. He was a young and restless man. He wanted nothing but to move on from his past, but something held him back.
The man had his past problems. Drugs filled him and were his obsession as to the earth and the need for water. He had lost everything, a wife to cancer, a home to a flood, a child to illness, his legs to war, a life to regret. How he wished that he would have walked away from the beautiful woman that hyptnotised his eyes, how he wished the child would have never been born of his genes that brought with it illness, how he wished he turned away from his fathers footsteps and walked away from war, how he wished he had no regret, how he wished drugs were never his only friend to sanity.
This man wished only to forget for he had said, "Sometimes it is best just to regret." Yet he said this as if he had no good memory left to carry him on through the life he may have. The young man cared nothing of his hygen or for his apperance, for he says he has no one to tell him he stinks, or he has too big or too worn clothes with holes.
So who would take the care of her time to step forward and aproach this dirty and broken man but a small girl who had nothing but a smile. She carried hope in one hand, love in the other. She had the eyes of an angle, the aproach of a bright and courious girl. Her dress was nice and perfect for sunday best. She had perfectly combed hair with pigtails. The brightest smile played on her lips.
The man saw the spark of hope. How one small girl with one slight smile made him think. There is a future. There is time for change.
The man had done nothing for the young girls kindness but yet here she stood, opening her arms and saying, "All I need is a hug." Maybe the kindness of the small girl changed his mind. Maybe he needed more than a hug. But isn't this where it would start?
Let us change hopeless to the hopefull, the rgreting to the remembering. For every regret you have thousands of memories that spark a smile and help you to carry on.
A small girl with nothing but a smile and kindness, gave a man the hope and love to push forward and live on past what had happened.
For now he remembers, a woman that blessed a portion of his life with love and fullness. Then there was no emptyness, he remembers the small child that was his and remembered the smile she wore, the attitude she had that made him laugh, for she was joy. He never regrets now the loss of his legs, for he gave them to provide the safty of his own family and billion others over seas.
regrets to rememberings..

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