The Private's Revenge

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One private + one bully + sunk ship = revenge.

Submitted: February 07, 2012

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Submitted: February 07, 2012



Journal Entry #1- May 30, 1944/ 0830 hours- We finally took off for Normandy. I can hardly write in this book. Man, if any of my crew knew I had this I would never hear the end of it. I can already hear the gasp of air as my bullet pierces the Germans. That is really the only reason I joined the war. OH NO sir! I did it so I can feel what it is like to kill a man. Some might call me insane, others run from me when I tell them. My crew mate act like I'm the gay sailor or something. They should be happy! They have a soldier that is willing to kill many with no remorse! I better go do inventory before we get 100 clicks from bay.

Journal Entry #2- May 30, 1944/ 2345 hours- I finally have some alone time. We are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT PRIVATE ANDERSON DID! Here I am, minding my own business. I was checking inventory when my partner, Anderson, says "Why did we bring a faggot on the ship? I thought we were going to fight them at Normandy. Oh well, early practice." Then BAM! He hits me in the chin with his clipboard! That fucker!  So I get up and I kick him in the knee. But before I come into contact with his knee, he boots me in the groin. It felt like I was on the ground for hours. When I finally got up, I was pissed. I mean I was used to getting bullied by him, but he had never EVER struck me! So I snuck up down to the inventory room, found a grenade, and rigged it with a wire. So when the midnight patrol, ANDERSON, opens the door, he pulls the clip and sets every GODDAMN EXPLOSIVE AND BULLET OFF! Just fifteen minutes to go! I'm so excited! I'll write back soon.

Journal Entry #3- May 31, 1944/ 0003 hours- IT WAS TOO BIG! THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN! I ABANDONED SHIP! NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! I RUINED MY DREAM OF GETTING A KILL IS RUINED! It is too dark to see who survived and who didn't, but I will know in a couple hours. Now it is time to get the sleep I don't deserve.

Journal Entry #4May 31, 1944(I believe. Time N/A)-This trip is horrible! I wake up in the lifeboat alone and find myself on an island. I see a camp with fire. So I walk up there and see about 10 sailors. And Anderson is one of them! That filthy bastard survived. Later I questioned what happened with Anderson. "Oh, well I sent Jackson to the inventory room and I stayed in my cot. Poor Jackson never made. I wonder what happened?" ARGH! All plans failed! That's it! I'm going to kill him tonight! The radio's broken and we're on an uncharted island. It is perfect.

Journal Entry #5- Unknown- I'm writing on the go. I see Anderson's body before me now. The cold steel of my blade's hilt, just waiting to be blessed with his unholy blood! I inch closer and closer. The blade is touching the skin! And THWACK! The jugular vein has been cut, spewing the fuel of my of my fire out of him and onto my body! The feeling is so good! I...I just have to do it again, and again, and again! Sergent Ryan is quite nice. So is Lieutenant Harvey! Eight to choose, oooh, eight to choose! I'll KILL THEM ALL!


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