The Killer Camera

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A boy Buys a camera, but the camera has some dark secrets....
The Story Line Is From Anthony Horrowitz, I used His Idea, made the ccharacters up myself and changed it a little

hope you like itt

Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



The Killer Camera

17 year old Luke Williams was at the Sunday car boot sale, looking for a birthday present for his dad Robert, he did not have enough money so he thought he buy something from here. He went to all the stalls but did not see anything that he liked, when he got to the last stall in the sale he saw a perfect present for his dad, it was a camera.  He bought the camera for half the price; he got it for £15, the stall holder was very eager to get rid of the camera.

Before Luke paid for the camera, he asked if he can check if it works properly, He took a picture of a big mirror; it was leaning on the side of a car. When he took a shot it worked properly.

Luke stayed at the sale for another 15 minutes; he was just looking through some DVD’s when he heard something smash, when he turned towards where the noise came from he saw that the Mirror he had taken a picture of a while ago had smashed into pieces.

When Luke got home that day he went straight up to his room to wrap his present, when he entered the room he saw that his 14 year old brother Steve was sitting on his bed he hid the camera in his pocket.

‘Where have you been all day’ said Steve eyeing Luke suspiciously.

‘Just out with friends’ said Luke

‘ok’ said Steve jumping of the bed’ I’m going downstairs’

‘Ok’ said Luke’ I’ll be down In 10 minutes’.

For some reason he did not want to tell anyone about the present, well not yet, not even Steve.

He quickly wrapped the camera in a gift wrap and put it under his bed and went downstairs.

The next morning the whole family including their 2 year old dog Jerry were sitting around the table.

‘Happy birthday’ the whole family chorused in unison as Robert made his way in the kitchen grinning.

‘Thank you……..’ he said.

Everyone passed their present over to him.

He first opened his son Steve’s Present, it was an Expensive pack of Gucci aftershave, he thanked his son and continued opening the next present, the next present was from his wife Alice, he opened the present and gasped he then turned that  into a pleased smile, she had got him a gold chain with his name on it.

‘Thank you dear’ he said

Out of everyone Luke gave his present last, when Robert opened the present he saw the camera.

‘Do you like it……?’ Luke asked.

‘Love it son’ said Robert smiling.

Robert went outside and took a picture of the oak tree that was outside in their garden.

‘This is very good, and just the thing I was looking for……’ said Robert ruffling Luke’s hair.

‘Dad takes a picture of Jerry……’ said Steve


Robert took a picture of jerry then put the camera on the fridge.

The dog was barking constantly for the next 10 minutes, so Steve let him out into the garden.

Alice had to get to work and so did Robert so they both got ready and left, Steve left for school, so it was only Luke in the house, He spent his day watching TV and on the computer, after a while he soon realised that Jerry had not come in for the whole day and he was getting really worried, he called for jerry but he didn’t come.

When the whole family got home Luke told them about jerry not coming in, they were really worried because jerry normally did not do this. Alice went out into the garden to see where the dog had got to but could not find him anywhere, when she tuned around to get indoors her eyes opened widely, when Luke looked at her, he knew something was wrong he followed her gaze and saw that his mothers favourite oak tree was withering slowly, the leaves were going from lovely green to brown. It was dieing.

‘Oh my lord.......’ Alice gasped ‘my oak tree, what’s happened to it’

‘I have no idea mum’ said Luke; he was shocked as same as she was.

They both went inside to tell Steve and Robert about this.

Later in the evening jerry was still not back, everyone was getting worried.

‘We’ll see what we can do about this tomorrow my dear’ said Alice kissing Steve on the forehead.

The next morning jerry was still not back; Alice said if he was not back in the next couple of hours then they would do something about it. Alice wanted to take her mind of things so she went to do gardening, when she went towards the shed to get her gardening tools out she saw that the shed door was opened when she went to look inside she screamed………Luke, Steve and Robert went running towards the garage to see what happened, when they saw what she was looking at they all gasped.

‘Jerry……’ Steve whimpered

The dog was lying still on the side of a soil sack he was obviously dead, Steve picked him up and got him inside, Luke was not sure what was going on these days, he was looking at the camera very awkwardly, and he didn’t know why but he felt that everything was going wrong since he got the camera. His dad had taken a picture of the tree and it had died, his dad had also token a picture of jerry and now he was dead too, so what was going on, and Luke thought back to when he bought the camera, he had taken a picture of the mirror and that had smashed, after a while Luke went in to the garden with a glass jar and was looking around on the garden floor, when he found what he needed he went indoors and upstairs, before going to his room he went into his dad’s study and took his camera from the desk.

He went into his room and locked the door, sitting on his bed he opened the jar and took out the two ants he caught, he put them on his writing desk and quickly took an picture of them, he put the two ants back into the jar and went into his fathers study to put the camera back.

Luke could not believe his eyes; he was upstairs in his room half an hour later and was holding the jar so tightly that his knuckles were white. The ants were dead, and Luke was now definitely sure that the camera was the cause off all these deaths, and he knew he had to something about it, soon.

Luke was at the car boot sale the next week looking for the stall holder who had sold him the camera. After spotting the stall holder he told him that he had bought a camera from here and asked if he noticed anything unusual about the camera.

The man told Luke that he had never once used the camera, he said that he already had one so he thought he sell this one, Luke thanked him and made his way home, while he was walking his phone started vibrating, he saw that his dad was calling.

‘Hello’ said Luke

‘Hey son’ Robert replied ‘me, Alice and Steve are on our way to Westminster, we just wanted to have a little day out, do you want to come……?’

‘Umm……where are you’ asked Luke

‘Well……um…where on our way there’ said Robert’ well you could make your way there by train can’t you?’

‘Err yeah if I want to come I’ll come by train’ Said Luke’ bye’. Luke was on his way home, when a terrible thought occurred to him, why if they had taken the camera with them and took pictures. Luke walked home fast as his legs could take him, he fumbled in his pockets and fished out the keys, he entered the house and it was all quiet, he went up to his fathers study to see if the camera was there or not, it wasn’t there.

Luke tried to call hi dad but his phone was turned off, Luke quickly got out the house and ran to the train station, when he got to Westminster, he knew he would not be able to find his family here so he tried calling his dad again.


‘Hello dad where are you’ said Luke

‘Hello Luke I can’t hear you properly’ shouted Robert down the phone ‘we’re just coming out of the London eye let me call you when we’re out of this crowd’.

Luke couldn’t wait that long, he knew which area they were in.

He ran as fast his legs could take him and reached the bridge he was looking around for his family when he heard someone call him from behind him, it was Steve and he had the camera in his hand, his mum and dad were standing behind him, Luke ran up to them.

‘Hello’ said Alice smiling

Luke tried to force a smile’ umm….. You didn’t take any pictures of yourselves did you?’

‘no we didn’t’ said Alice confused ’why?’

Luke smiled ‘Don’t worry’ he said relieved.

‘No we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves’ added Steve ‘but……oh yeah……I took 1 picture though’.

Luke’s smile slipped of his face ‘what’.

‘Well when we were up the London eye we could see whole of London and it looked beautiful so I took a picture’

‘What London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


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