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This is a eulogy of a great woman.

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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Submitted: December 14, 2010



As some of you know, Ryan and I were at Boy Scout Camp when Grandma passed away. Monday night at the campfire, we participated in a United States Flag retirement ceremony. Perhaps a little tattered at the edges, but always filled with grace and dignity, the flag was saluted, honored and retired. I have always been a believer in “signs”. As Ryan and I watched, I knew in my heart that this was God’s way of saying goodbye to Grandma. She was a lady full of grace, courage and honor. She always stood up for her beliefs. She epitomized the dignity and grace of the ceremony we watched. I put my hand on Ryan’s shoulder and drew him close to me as we watched the flag burn in the campfire. It was a sign to us. Grandma slipped away the next morning.

We always saw Grandma as a pillar of strength. She was well read, articulate and above all showed us the importance of love and family. Growing up on the opposite side of the country only made our relationship stronger. We would talk every week and our visits were filled with fun and laughter. I used to crave her homemade split pea soup, learning that it was only good if the spoon stands up in the pot. She also played a mean no nonsense game of Scrabble that carried from my generation to my kids.

Once Lynn and I had kids, she made sure to be an integral part of their lives. Heather, Anne and Ryan have been truly blessed forever by a relationship wit their Great Grandma – not many teenage kids can say that. She loved them from the bottom of her heart and they adored her. Grandma, thank you for giving my kids that gift.

Most of us were together about a week and a half ago at Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah. We were able to have Grandma sit in the front tow and watch as her first Great Grandson read from the Torah and continued the tradition of our faith. From the Bimah, I could see her struggle to keep her eyes open, but she did it. Ryan said it was one of the most meaningful memories of his Bar Mitzvah. She saw everyone and was able to spend time with those who were most important in her life. She knew what was important and I feel she wanted one last chance to see everyone and say goodbye in her own way.

In Grandma’s declining years, her spirit of live and family shined through those who meant the most to her. My Dad faithfully spent time every day with her. There are no words that describe the love and dedication you gave to her. Dad, you are truly an amazing man. Carol and Bethany spend countless weeks with her showing her how much she was loved. My sisters came weekly and my family as often as possible. The people at the Jewish home said that very few people had the love and support Grandma had. She was truly blessed and would have been proud of everyone.

Grandma – Lynn, Heather, Anne and Ryan hand made this picture and frame in your honor. Although they could not be here today, they felt by making this from their hearts a piece of them would be with you. We are all going to miss your wit and wisdom and will forever have a place in our hearts. You are very loved and will be sorely missed. Your courage and spirit will help us carry on.

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