A hot guy and a hot girl

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My friend suggested i write this. So, enjoy, and dont forget to check my series "the best of life" i will update it soon

Btw guys, this is also unfinished. DAY THREE, DAY FOUR, and DAY FIVE coming soon

Submitted: November 01, 2014

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Submitted: November 01, 2014




And there she was. The girl i couldnt rid of from my mind. She was so hot. She always was. I dont think she's going to like me back. Wait, what was that? Of course shes going to like me... She has to... Eventually... I hope...

"hi" she smiled at me. I hope i didn't blush. Well its not like shes going to know... Should i tell her? After all these...

"uh hi" i spurted out, i think i blushed. She dissapeared back into the crowd, my eyes chasing her as they always did. My heart pounded in my cheast, and i couldnt breathe. She was just so... Perfect... I couldnt possibly...

"hi" i said to him. He was hot, but he was just my friend. I could imagine him liking me and me liking him back, we could be like, the perfect couple. But he was just hot. I mean, just my friend. He was nice, he deserved the girl of his dreams, if not me. 

I paused. Where did that come from? I should not think like that, hes just my friend. A good friend. But just my friend...

Ah. Finnally, the maths lesson. I was in the highest class, with Doan thank the lord. Also i never thought id say this, but thank you for making the teacher strict and choose out seats. Its great having a seat next to Doan, especially since she always asks me for help on the harder extensions.

ahh, math. Where the strict teacher forced me to sit with him. Im not complaining though, hes hot, but most importantly hes smart, hes better at maths than me. Im jealous, but also thankful, as he is pretty helpful, like whats-his-face in science. I looked up at him, but he seemed to be surrounded in a blurry cloud making me focus on his face. Then he starting staring back. I was staring deep into his eyes, they were so warm and comforting... Just then the bell rang to shake me out of my stupor.


I saw her again at our breaktime. She stood out from her friends. She was to hot not to. I couldnt go up and talk to her becuase i was to shy, so all i could do was stare longingly while her words flew seamlessly out of her perfect lips. I dont understand how someone so strong can be so weak, but i just am. I watched her from afar, always just praying silently, that one day... 

A cry of joy erupted from the basketball court to my right. My friends won the match. They didnt question me when they didnt see me come to celebrate, they all knew about me and her. They always tried to comfort me, but they had to know. Deep in their hearts they must know... What? That shes too perfect? That they have better chances? No. Dont think like that. She just wants to be my friend and i hate it. Why does she have to be so... Its not her fault anyways. Im just... She stared back at me in confusion. She was problably wondering why i wasnt playing basketball with my friends. Its not to long before she gets creeped out forever by my stalking. If thats what you call it.

I felt someone staring at me. I turned over, but i saw no one.

"Hey Doan! Rumor has it hottie #1 has a crush on you!" Bombed the little boy who tore past me. Hottie #1? Who is that? In the five seconds it took my friends to explain who that was, i knew who was staring at me. But i was confused. He likes me? But... We were just friends? I turned around to face him, only slightly surprised he wasnt playing basketball with his friends. He was so sporty and strong, hard to imagine him not playing or working out. But there he was. Staring right into my eyes. I remembered the other day, when i stared into his eyes and i felt warmth, like i was safe with him, and his eyes were so comforting. But now, all i could see in his eyes were confession. I shot him a message through my eyes; "why?".

Then, suddenly, i felt a very cold sensation. Almost as if... Doan knew. My secret was out. Somehow the rumor had spread and i... I focused on her eyes again. They seemed stone cold, and i couldnt understand. Did she hate me now? I thought we were friends at least... But i hated being just friends... Maybe this is the way the universe punished me? But no. I read her eyes, somthing i got good at when the teachers didnt want us to talk. I read her message loud and clear. But i couldnt answer.

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