My Deception

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Inspired by a freewrite, and by my recent inability to tell people how I'm really feeling.

Submitted: May 07, 2007

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Submitted: May 07, 2007



Lying eyes in front of the mirror
Looking into them so deep
Wondering where the truth is beneath their surfaces
Lying eyes change colors with the moods
One truth the deception cannot hide
Watch closely for the green of passion and lust
The blue of depression
Hazel of calm and serenity
The grey of contentedness and happiness
Brown of anger and fear
The ebony of excitement and joy
The common hue of lying eyes
A mix of brown and blue
Swirling together to create true beauty
Only the present shows in their depths
Lying eyes in front of the mirror
Examining the pupils
As they dilate
Another truth that cannot be hidden within lying eyes
The pupils widen with each self-told lie
Until the emptiness swallows all color
I blink once, then again, as the eyes in the mirror
Become my own again

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