I am Paranoid

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Not anywhere near finished. Just a taster :]


‘I’m shaking, what am I wearing? A nighty? That’s silly I’m a boy. Ah! Nurse?’ Hysterical laughter.
‘Yes Neil?’ replies the nurse.
‘I am a boy aren’t I?’ Hysterical laughter again.
‘Yes Neil, you are a boy’
Neil laughs hysterically again.
The nurse walked out of Neil’s cell and locked the door behind her. Inside Neil was running into the padded walls of his cell, his cup of tea was shaking on the floor.
‘What yah doin’ Cuppa tea?! HUH? Why yah movin’ huh? I tell you! That’s a bad cuppa tea! That’s nasty and, and I dun’t like it!’ Neil frantically kicks the plastic cup into the air. The tea burn his face and neck.
‘Ah! Oh yeah, that’s right you like a hurt me now don’t you. Jus’ like the rest of them. Them nasty sons of mothers! Ah’ Hysterical laughter again.
Outside on the window a bird continues to fly and bang into the cell window, each time, it would put a crack into the window. ‘That’s a nice birdie now innit! Yeah go on smacks me open mah window so’s I can go home to our Lulu!’
Neil is frantically jumping around dancing.

Submitted: April 09, 2009

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lol that was creepy! lol
i liked it

Mon, May 11th, 2009 7:19am

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