Inside The Cellar

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

I havn't finished this. And I also need to improve this story. Im not sure what you'd think.. So here you go.

Trapped, cannot escape. The need for freedom but no letting go. Biting at the flesh of my arms, trying to be free, needing to be free. Where am I? I frantically bite at the skin on my arm around the thick metal cuffs around my wrists. I break down in tears. There’s no way of escape. I can’t bite off my own hand to be free. ARGH! But I need to, I need to be free!
I woke up, darkness. I can’t see anything, only a line of light under a door. I can hear pathetic cries and moans. Of course I’m not alone. I bow my head down. I feel so weak. The door is slammed open, I see a dark figure. A man. He is huge, all hunched up. He is holding what looks like a big pot. Well, to me that’s what it looks like. A blood curdling scream from behind me erupts the silence and everyone that is around me suddenly shake with panic.
‘Oh please, please not me again! Please, I’ll do anything!’
‘Please, please, please…’
The pleads get weaker. We all know what is going on. It truly is frightening. I, we. We need to get out. But how? The noise of a body thrown across the room. Silent sobbing.
I-I- I please, some-bo-dy. Help? We need to go please, what can we do?!’ The voice of a young girl.
‘We wait. That is the only hope for us’ another voice, an old man.
The door opens again more violently than before. Frantic screaming and yelling.
‘No! Help me!!! Get off me, what the f*** are you doing! Please’
The noise of a slap across the face. The door closes again. Darkness.
‘Huh-Huh-Hello?’ another young girls voice.
‘Oh my God Mel?!’ screams the girl that had just been crying.
‘Steph!! Oh Jesus Steph Madison is that you?!’ whispers the girl, almost crying.
‘Mel, yes it’s me’ She starts crying. ‘Come over to me please, please help us, please. What it is out there?’
‘Steph, it’s horrible. Where abouts are you?’
As the girl is crawling over to her friend the door slams open again. The beast of a man roars over to Steph. She screams loudly. Mel starts to cry, she knows what is going to happen to her friend.
He takes her into the kitchen up from the cellar. He is all covered in blood, he smells of sweat, his face is filthy. He is wearing a pair of grey jogging pants, a plain blue blood spattered shirt and a pair of dirty old Dr. Martins. He knocks the girl out with a baseball bat from the side of the fridge and proceeds down the hall way to the dining room and throws Steph onto the grease stained dirty settee. He unbuttons her flower print shirt. He stares at her for a while then gets on to slowly taking off her ripped, muddy jeans. He folds up her shirt and jeans and slowly places them onto a foot rest, which is covered in what looks like a dissected foetus. Staring at her face while holding her neck gently, he pulls out a knife from under the settee, it has blood on it, and also fresh blood. Maybe the blood of her friend. He pulls down her underwear, opens her legs and proceeds to stab the knife inside her. Steph wakes up screaming, she’s in agony, she’s crying for him to stop.
‘Please! Sir! Please, please stop! Please it hurts so bad!’ She cries.
An old man walks in. He looks upon the ordeal and sits on the chair in the corner and puts the TV on.
‘Help! You! Stop him please! He’s trying to rape me don’t you understand!! Help me please, Pl…’
The huge man hits her over the head and she is knocked out once again. He has had his fun with this one so he takes her back to the cellar. He throws her back in.
Steph wakes up. She is in so much pain, covered in blood, shaking.
Mel, M-M-Mel?… Are you there?’ she begins to cry pathetically.

Submitted: April 09, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Rach Loves Sam. All rights reserved.

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Eddy the Panda

rach you're darker than you show, you must lay off the texas massacres before it comes round to me hehe oh and i enjoyed your story lol

Fri, May 8th, 2009 1:06pm


Theres alot of pain inside I don't show. Alot of emotion. Ive never really talked to anyone about

Mon, May 11th, 2009 1:56pm

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