Life As How I Know It

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A poem about how I view life.

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



Sometimes, it's a rock with jokes on it,

The ink the jokes were written on from gives the rock more weight,

Thus sinking it deeper.

But yes, there are benefits,

The jokes entertain you and make you laugh, but again, it can drown you.

There's nothing a few tears can't solve,

Except for the holes in the heart and your body wounded by every crossing humans'

Teases and laughs or just brutal comments that they make,

For tears aren't glue and glue can't heal flesh.

I am wiling to be compared to an onion,

Which you may cry when you peel my secrets and covers open,

For the deeper you get to know me,

You may understand the sadness of me more,

Or just tease and laugh and continue with your brutal comments.

I tease and laugh, too,

So I don't blame you.

What I blame is the unfairness of hearts and thoughts that,

Whatever I do to anyone else, is legally to be done to me.

So I shall tease and laugh and comment brutally about your pathetic life,

Because you can also be teasing and laughing and commenting brutally about my pathetic life,

But the way you comment would hurt me,

Because the words itself didn't come out of my mouth.

Because a part of humanity is,

Only excepting what you say about yourself,

And hating everyone else for telling you the truth about how they see you.

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