Happy 13th Birthday, Baby Girl

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A letter I wrote to my beatufiul daughter right before she turned 13 - December 2012

My Wish for you

Tonight I was inspired to write this in loom of your 13th birthday, which will mark a passing in your life as you exit your childhood and cross into the ‘teenage’ years. Years that will be full of emotional turmoil…a.k.a. ‘DRAMA’, but it won’t be as bad as you may think it might be. Yes, your hormones will be running wild, and this may exacerbate your patience more than once making you reach for things that may seem like perfect sense. The trick is to know that there is much more beyond an easy fix.

I hope that you can achieve things in this life that have remained unreachable for your father and I.  I realize this is a lot to hope for and certainly it comes with our greatest expectation, but it is just a simple hope that that you may achieve the great things that we perhaps wished we could have at one point in our lives.

Sometimes it is too late. Sometimes it is impossible, and that is why I am letting you know that you have every opportunity in the world to do what makes you the happiest.  Do not just waste it on a selfish whim. This is what I did, and now it is too late for me to go back and retrace my steps that are gone, lost in the past.

Always think beyond yourself. Beyond you there is a bigger picture that reaches out to countless others. Please, always contemplate the things that lie beyond your reach because they are very much within your power to affect.

We are here for just one fleeting moment to make our stamp in this life. Sometimes we get several chances, but with each chance we loose layers of our potential.

With this letter, I am not asking that you be careful or coy with your choices in life. I am asking you to know your gut. To recognize your inner voice telling you what to do next after you have considered the alternatives.

When you are young, as you are it will be difficult to think this way.  You are so uninhibited by consequences because you have not been faced with any discord in your life. You are where you are right now because your father and I have made the decisions for you. I assure you this will soon not be the case, as you venture further into your own life.

Please remain true to yourself, and do not be influenced by shallow indulgences that do not last past the moment. You are a smart and beautiful young woman. That is a wondrous thing to be, and in it is a thing that can be cheapened and weakened by ignorance. Stir away from these dead ends that will limit your potential. Be on the highest alert, for the dead ends are always looming around a corner and your choice could lead you into one, if you are frivolous with your affairs.

Keep this letter with you forever as it may make further sense throughout your years.  Be a brave soul and do not let my ramblings make you paranoid for I do not intend to make you think that you must always be extremely careful. Risks should always be involved, but only as long as you have contemplated the results. If you can live with the results, then commit to your decision. This will be easier to accept and not to regret.

I love you my beautiful baby girl more than anything I’ve ever known to exist in this life.  You are the greatest gift I have ever received and truly treasure you. I am thankful to have ever known this type of love.

I hope that you will treasure yourself in the same way. I wish the best for you even when I am gone, but while I am here you can always count on me to help you achieve your dreams.





Written by: Rachel Penabella


Submitted: December 03, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Rache Blue. All rights reserved.

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Scheinderley Dupuy


Thu, December 11th, 2014 5:17pm

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