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-I would like to add that I read a story on this site that inspired me to write this, so i apologise incase the author of that other story thinks i stole ideas for this from them. I did not intend to offend or anything.-

A seventeen year old girl from Newark, New Jersey is all ready to start an work on an assignment, but is running late. On her way she bumps into a young man, Gerard Way. Everything following that day seems to lead her right back to him.

Submitted: June 21, 2008

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Submitted: June 21, 2008



On the busy Newark streets I walk ever so fast trying to reach my desired destination on time. My partner for the geography assignment was going to meet me at the library. I knew that I shouldn’t have stayed in bed for that extra ten minutes, but still I did. I knew that I shouldn’t have waited to have a shower in the morning so I could be all fresh and clean, but still I did. Why is it that I never listen to my brain?
I began to run; I couldn’t be late, not today. You see, my partner for the assignment is a total control freak and perfectionist. He must have everything done his way to his standard. It’s not that Chris is stuck up; it’s just that he wants to do well at school. I can understand that, but I just can’t understand why he must be so damn arrogant about it all the time.
Without any notice to what was happening, I bumped into a young man, well not so much bumped, more like crashed into him.
“Hey, watch where you’re going!” He yelled at me cruelly.
“I’m so sorry, I was in a hurry.” I replied to him, not taking the time to make any eye contact with him.
“Yeah, well I guess it’s as much my fault as it is yours. Let me help you.”
He bent down and helped me gather together all the books that I had dropped. I looked up as he was doing so. He had jet black hair, most likely dyed, and these most amazingly mesmerising, brown eyes. I couldn’t help but stare. He gave me a strange glance which made me look away immediately. He came to his feet and handed me my books.
“Thank you.” I say shyly.
 Without a word he walked off. I turned to watch him, his keys slid out of the back pocket of his tight black jeans. I quickly ran over to where the keys fell, picking them up swiftly. I called after him, but he had already disappeared. I went to follow him, but then I remembered that I was already running late. I headed off to the library; guilt seeping through my thoughts.
Finally I arrived. I could see Chris’s car parked out the front and sensed a well planned lecture to follow my entry in the old white building. But still, I entered. I easily found him; he was sitting at a desk facing the main entrance. His arms were crossed and he had an unimpressed expression on his face. I approached him quickly.
“Where have you been? I have been waiting here for fifteen minutes! When I arrange a time to meet about an assignment you be sure to be there at that time!” He yelled at me.
“I’m really sorry, I slept in and dropped my books on the way here.” I said in my defence.
“That’s no excuse. Haven’t you heard of an alarm clock?”
“I’m really sorry Chris, it won’t happen again.”
“You better make sure it doesn’t.” He replied harshly.
We sat down and began our research on climate change. Not too long after we had started, a boy from school came over to us.
“Hey Olivia, hey Chris.” He said cheerfully.
“Hi Mikey.” I answered.
“Are you two working on that assignment for geography?” He asked us.
“We were. That is until someone rudely interrupted us.” Chris said cruelly.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
Mikey’s hair was messy as usual. His glasses sat on his nose and he was dressed really casually; black shirt with the smashing pumpkins on it and black jeans with a hole on the left knee.
“Don’t worry about it Mikey, I think I could use a break anyway.” I told him.
“A break?” Chris questioned. “From what? You have barely done anything.”
“I think just being here deserves a break on its own.” I said.
I got up from the chair and walk out of the library with Mikey. We sat on the steps and began talking.
“So, did you choose to work with him or what?” Mikey asked me.
“No. Sir just said that he thought both of us could benefit from working with each other on this assignment. Basically we were chained together with no means of escape.”
“Poor you. I’d hate to have to work with that guy; he’s so far up himself it’s not funny.” He replied.
“I guess, but at least I’m guaranteed a good mark.”
“Yeah, if Bubble brain over there gives you any credit.”
“Mmm. Who are you working with?”
“Frankie.” He replied as he adjusted his glasses.
“I should have known. You two work together on every assignment.” I say to him
“Not every assignment, he’s not in my science class, so he can’t work with me on every assignment.”
“Yeah, you always work with me on science assignments.” I say
“That’s right; it explains why I do so well in that class.”
We both laughed at this.
“So, why didn’t Chris want you to go for a break?”
“Because I was late.”
“You’re never late to anything.” Mikey replied.
“I know, but I woke up late and then on my way here I bumped into some guy and dropped everything.”
“Oh. It’ll be fine though, he can’t hold it against you for...” He began, but stopped when interrupted by his phone ringing. “Hang on a sec Olivia, my brother’s calling.”
“Ok.” I say.
He was talking to his brother for about a minute, well not so much talking, mainly yelling at him. It was quite funny to hear the conversation on this side of the phone though.
“Sorry we can’t talk for longer, but I have to go and rescue my brother.”
“Rescue?” I ask, puzzled.
“Yeah, the genius has managed to loose his keys. How a twenty year old manages to loose his keys is beyond me.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Tell you what, come over about one this arvo. Me and a few of my friends are going to be watching some DVD’s and stuff while my parents aren’t home.” Mikey says as he gets up.
“You sure? I wouldn’t want to intrude.” I ask him with caution.
“You won’t, trust me. Just come, it’ll be fun.”
“Cool. I live at 3482 Court Street. See ya then Olivia!” He shouted as he ran down the street to his brother’s rescue.
I went back inside to find Chris with his head buried in a huge, thick encyclopedia. I approached him slowly.
“You know, you were entitled to have a break too.” I say to him as I sit down.
“Well I’m sorry, but unlike you, I prefer to get all the hard work done before treating myself to a break.”
“Look, I’m sorry I was late ok, but since we only got the assignment yesterday and it’s not due for another 3 weeks, I thought that it would be fine to leave it for a couple of days.” I tell him.
“Well I’m not going to risk failing.”
“You’re not going to fail an assignment because you started it like 3 days later than what you usually would.”
“I have never failed an assignment or test in my life, and I am not going to change my methods at the risk of destroying that record.” He began. “Now, if you’re going to go home, then go, but make sure you meet me back here tomorrow at 9am sharp, no excuses.”
“Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said as I left the table. “Don’t spend too long here.”
I decided that I should try to find that guy. I feel so guilty that I have his keys and that I didn’t give them back to him. Maybe he went back to where I dropped my books to find them.
I ran back there to look for him. As I ran it occurred to me that it had been about an hour and a half since we had seen each other. He might have already gone there to look for them. God, I should have just chased after him to return his keys, then I wouldn’t be in this mess. It’s almost 12, that guy is probably talking to a lock smith right now. I took the keys out of my bag. There weren’t many keys on the ring, just two silver and a car key. I’ve even locked him out of his car, if I ever do return these keys to him, he’ll kill me. I noticed that there was a key chain on the set of keys too; it was the letter G. That could stand for anything, Gary, Grant, George, Greg.
I spent the next few hours walking around Newark looking for that young man. I went into every shop that his clothes suggested he would go to. He wasn’t in any of the music stores, nor was he in any of the book stores either. It was hopeless. I made my way to Mikey’s house, I’d take the keys to the police station later.
I saw the house Mikey lived in, it was a nice two storey house with a large tree in the front yard. There was a car parked on the driveway, I assumed it to be his brothers as it was a bit of a crap car with a few dents. There was also a car parked out the front, probably owned by one of Mikey’s friend’s. I approached the door and knocked.
“It’s open!” Came Mikey’s voice from inside.
I entered the house, shutting the door behind me. I was now in a large room furnished with two sofas, a coffee table, television, lamps pot plants, etcetera. Just the normal stuff you would find in a living room.
“Come sit down.” Mikey said. “These are my friends Frank, Ray and Bob.”
“Hi.” I said quietly. “I see you managed to let your brother in.”
“Yeah. The idiot says he lost his keys when he was out earlier, but I bet that he just left them in his room. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that.” He replied.
“It’s funny you should say that…” I begun
I was so shocked to see the guy I bumped into earlier enter the room from the kitchen.
“Oh my god.” I said.
“It’s you again.” He said.
“Would someone like to explain what is going on here?” Mikey asked.
“Um, this is the guy that I ran into this morning.”
“Oh, well he’s my brother.” Mikey said.
“Um, I’ve got something of yours actually.” I told his brother.
“What?” He asked, confused by what I meant.
“I saw you drop your keys earlier, when I picked them up you were gone. I was going to run after you, but I was late for something.” I said.
“You serious?”
“Yeah.” I said as I opened my bag and pulled out the set of keys. “Here.”
He took the keys off me.
“Thanks, I really needed them.”
“No problem.”
“I’m Gerard by the way.” He said as he sat on the floor next to Bob.
“Olivia.” I said, taking a seat next to Mikey.
Mikey began to start the DVD, but we didn’t get too far into the movie… the fuse blew.
“Gerard, go fix the fuse.” Mikey told his brother.
“Why me?” He complained back.
“Cause you’re closest.”
“Closest my ass, your right next to the damn door.” He argued.
The other boys and I laughed at their petty argument.
“I’ll go fix it.” I said, getting up.
“I’ll help you.” Gerard said softly, he too rising from his spot.
We both went through the door and down the stairs into the basement. Gerard led me over to the fuse box.
“Well? Which fuse is it?” He asked sarcastically.
“You live here, you tell me.” I replied.
“That one.” He said pointing to the rustiest and oldest fuse.
“No wonder it blew.”
“Yeah, it does that a lot.”
“Have you ever thought of replacing it?” I asked him.
“Yep, but we just never got around to it.”
“Them or you?”
“Mainly me, but oh well.”
I laughed and so did he. Gerard glanced at me and I at him. Nothing was said, but I could see that he was definitely thinking about something. Gerard finally broke the silence.
“How old are you Olivia?”
“Seventeen. Why?” I asked him.
“Because I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t going to do something to someone too young.”
“Do what?”
He didn’t answer; instead he kissed. It wasn’t too rough, or too gentle, it was just tender and soft. He wasn’t making me kiss him back, but I just had too. Nothing would make me miss this opportunity. After about a minute he stopped.
“I want you too know something.” He said finally.
“What’s that?” I asked, caressing his chest.
“I made my keys drop out of my pocket.”
“Well you looked like the honest type and I wanted an excuse to see you again.” He explained.
“Oh Gerard, you’re such a dork.” I said to him, my lips pressed lightly against his.
We embraced again, holding each other this time.
“Um guys, we want the movie back on.”

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