From Friends To Lovers- A Ferard Story

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This is a Ferard story in which Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance realises his feelings for Gerard Way.

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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Submitted: June 20, 2008



It all began with a friendship

Gerard Way has been my friend for some time, but I want to be more. Is it so much to ask to be with the person that you love? I want to tell him that I feel this way, but I love him too much to ruin his relationship with Callista. I haven’t the strength in me to destroy what he has with her, unless…he by some miracle feels the same way.

“Yo, dude! Frankie! Stop dreaming the show’s about to start!” Gerard called from the edge of the curtain.

“Huh?” I reply.

“You know, the concert. The thing as to why we are here…in New York,” He said to me.

“Oh, yeah. I know. Let’s get out there then,” I say as I grab my guitar from the corner.

We were all on the stage, doing what we love, playing our songs. I glanced at Gerard; he was panting and covered in sweat. I felt like going over there and pouncing on him. I started moving closer to him. As I did he pulled me to him. I couldn’t stop myself, I had to, I kissed him. The fans went wild and strangely Gee kissed me back. For a second I could have sworn that I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. The fans were screaming louder and louder, but I couldn’t hear them, I couldn’t see anything, I could only feel Gerard’s mouth on mine. The kiss only lasted 5 seconds, but it felt like more than that, like someone had hit the slow-mo button. He pulled away and began to sing again. I wanted to go back for more, but I knew I couldn’t, so instead I licked his cheek and went back over to the other end of the stage.

The concert ended and I all I could do was think about that kiss. A hand hit my ass hard. I turned to see that it was Gerard.

“Great concert, eh Frankie?” He said

“Yep the best one yet,” I said back to him blankly. “So Gee about that…”

“Argh Fuck!” Ray screamed. “The stupid fuckin’ string fuckin’ snapped it’s fuckin’ self in fuckin’ half on my fuckin’ guitar!”

“Come on, we’ll go and get another string.” Bob told him. “Come on Mikey.”

“Why me?” He asked, confused.

“You’re the only one with any money,” He replied back.

The three of them went out into the cold of New York City, leaving only me and Gerard behind…together. Part of me wanted to go after them, but another part told me to stay behind with Gee.

I did the only thing that I could think of to avoid making eye contact with him…put my guitar away. As I was laying it in it’s case Gee came up behind me. He pinned me to the wall and planted a kiss on me. My leg automatically wrapped around Gerard’s waist, to this he didn’t object. I kissed him back, pushing my tongue as far as I could into his mouth. His hands slid up my shirt and I moaned slightly. I turned us so that he was now against the wall. I felt his hands move to my belt buckle. He began to undo it, but just then…

“I can’t believe that the stupid fuckin’ shop had no fuckin” guitar strings fuckin’ left! What kind of bloody music shop don’t have fuckin’ guitar strings!” Ray screamed as the three came back into the building.

Gerard quickly pushed me to the floor and ran over to the lounge. I was about to yell at him, but Bob appeared around the corner.

“How did it go?” Gerard asked Ray.

“How do you think! The stupid…” Ray begun.

“Ray! Shut up!” Bob yelled as he flopped down onto the lounge next to Gerard.

“All that he could say on the way back was about how the store didn’t have any guitar strings,” Mikey told him.

“Yeah and that’s the G-rated version of that scene.” Bob added.

We all laughed except for Ray.

An hour passed and then it was time for us to all cram back into the tour bus. Gerard sat on the lounge with Bob, while Mikey went to bed and Ray called consumer affairs to complain about the music store. I knew that I had to talk to Gee, but I wasn’t sure what to say.

“What do you mean that I don’t have a case!” Ray screamed into the phone. He was now talking to a lawyer, mind you, he had already called consumer affairs and the department of fair trading.

“I’ve had enough of this idiot and his guitar string. I’m going to bed.” Bob said as he walked to the back of the bus.

“Hang on a sec,” Ray told the lawyer. “Bob this is not stupid, it is a serious fuckin’ issue!”

“What ever!” Bob screamed back.

“Shut the fuck up! I’m tryin’ to sleep!” Mikey shouted from his bunk.

Gerard and I just laughed at this argument.

“The bastard hung up on me!” Ray screamed. “Argh! I’m goin’ to bed.”

Again this left me and Gerard alone.

“Gee, we need to talk…”

“About what?” Gerard asked me.

“Why you kissed me.”

“Which time?”

“Tonight, on stage and then back stage when the others went out.” I told him.

“Oh, that,” He said as he walked over to the espresso machine.


“Well what?”

“Why the fuck did you do it?!” I yelled at him.

“Shut up!” Mikey yelled from his bunk.

“I did it on stage for the fans entertainment, you know how much they love that stuff, but I did it backstage because I knew that you wanted it,” Gerard said.

“Did you want it too?” I asked.


He kissed me on the cheek and went to the back of the bus. That fucker...

I laid awake in my bunk all night long. I couldn’t get that kiss out of my mind, apart from that Ray was snoring his fucking head off. I kept having flash backs and every time I closed my eyes I could only see images of him and Callista.

The next morning I was the first one up. I got no sleep at all. All I could do was think about Gerard and that kiss. Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the bus. I opened it to find Callista standing there with Mikey’s girlfriend Melanie.

“Hey, Frankie, is Gerard awake?” Callista asked.

I felt like telling her to fuck off, that Gee was mine, but I just couldn’t ruin things for him.

“No,” I said as I looked back into the bus. “Looks like Mikey’s getting up though.”

“Great,” Callista said as she brushed past me.

I saw her wake up Gerard. He kissed her and pushed her down onto my bunk. I stared at his body, he quickly glanced at me, then back to her. He got up and put a shirt, then went back to kissing her.

“Can we talk?” Melanie asked me.

“Sure,” I said as I stepped out of the bus. “What’s up?”

“Mikey called me last night. He said that he overheard you talking to Gerard about some kiss.”

“Did he? Well, um...”

“Talk to me Frankie, what happened between you and Gerard?”

“Well, at the concert yesterday, he kissed me. Then backstage he pinned me to the wall and kissed me again. I really like him, but I’m so confused.”

“Oh, Frankie, you need to sort this out with him. Especially since he already has a girlfriend,” She told me.

“I tried, but he won’t answer me.”

“Well, this will hurt Callista terribly, but go in there and kiss him. If he kisses you back, then you’ll know how he feels.”

“You're right.”

I ran inside. Gerard was now sitting on the lounge and Callista was walking over to him. I got to him before her and kissed him, tongue and all. For a second I thought he was going to pull away, but instead he pushed me onto the lounge and shoved his tongue into my mouth as far as it would go. Then he disappeared from me.

“You fuckin' asshole!” Callista shouted as she hit Gerard.

“Fuck!” Ray and Bob said as they ran out to pull her of Gerard.

“I hate you!” she yelled as tears ran down her face.

She wriggled away from Ray and Bob’s grip and ran out the door. Melanie chased after her.

“What the fuck happened?” Ray asked.

“This,” Gerard said.

He kissed me and pushed me back again jamming his tongue into my mouth.

Months passed and we stayed together. I could have never been happier than what I was now. I can definitelysay that I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

It ended with lovers


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