By: Rachel Tugutu

The role of everyman living, has to obtain a certain level of dignity to live a life that is far more standard to a religious belief. In ‘Everyman’ has described the most significant of religious belief and the moral standard each person should take to obtain a certain level of acceptance to the Most High. Each individual should live a life that will not plant an evil deed at the end, instead to live a faithful life.

Life and decision-making can impact a person through life choices. The most fundamental beliefs of each character that has been present to show a big picture of how to live a life of righteousness without becoming astray from “worldly prosperity”.  Throughout the play, it shows that God has pointed the view of humankind who live in a sinful world and the judgment he will bring to every man according to their deeds between good and evil. Furthermore, “EVERYMAN '' shows each part of the characters and ways they presented with the purpose of humility, and salvation from each part of the character, this includes Everyman indicated all human kinds of life out of trouble.  Good deeds represent every kind of personal character they bring out to the world. The knowledge described the advantage of knowing the teachings of the Catholic Church, strength as part of the character which represents a physical strength from above. Unfortunately, each part of the play represents personification, morality, death, human nature, the material world, and salvation.

To conclude, “EVERYMAN'' shows the importance of life for humankind and all things that it has to offer. The play has described the advantages of living a life with dignity apart from the prosperity of this world.  To combine prosperity life with good deeds cannot be mixed. It indicated the importance of choosing one side to live a life according to personal choices. The purpose of “EVERYMAN'' was to show the kind of world humankind lives in and each step of life each man faces.



Submitted: March 06, 2022

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