A Game of Thrones Character Poem, Sansa Stark

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Poem about Sansa! (Because of all she's been through, it's hard to sum it up in a poem, so I tried my best. I know it's not perfect.)

Submitted: August 03, 2019

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Submitted: August 03, 2019



Such an innocent, sweet little lady you were

Always doing the right thing

Your parents were so proud of you

Perfect, you seemed


Then the world attacked you

And you found yourself

Being forced to be brave, be strong

Losing hope


You trust who seems trustworthy

But just as you escape

You're forced into more horror

More scars on your pretty face


Your tears, they fall silently

Your grief, you hold in

You pray to the gods

But nothing it gives


You now only live

Counting seconds away

Enduring the torture

All night and all day


But you, my girl, are strong

You force the truth

You gather your courage

And leap from the roof


And run, oh you run

The memory of your family giving you strength

You are Sansa Stark

You fight the pain


You find your brother

And fight for your home

You win, you conquer

But you're not quite done


You face the man who scarred you

You show him who you are

You let him suffer like me made you

Because you are Sansa Stark


You get your revenge

His screams make you smile

As you strut away, leaving him

In a bloody pile


You gather your family

See your siblings again

And together you fight

In the night that won't end


You are afraid

Of course you are

But why, dear Sansa?

You know who you are


Your family, they triumph

The Starks, I knew they would rise

Through the wind and snow

Your pack survives


The battle is over

Peace is near

But your life is far from over, Sansa

Your victory is here


You will rule with grace and power, my queen

Be the best ruler your country's ever known

Through all you have survived

And now you're finally home

© Copyright 2019 Rachel Stone. All rights reserved.

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