Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Eight

Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Eight Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Eight

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is chapter Eight. Jeven travels to the desolate land of the Deadlands, home to the giant horned pale skinned monsters known as fog watchers
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This is chapter Eight. Jeven travels to the desolate land of the Deadlands, home to the giant horned pale skinned monsters known as fog watchers

Chapter1 (v.1) - Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Eight

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This is chapter Eight. Jeven travels to the desolate land of the Deadlands, home to the giant horned pale skinned monsters known as fog watchers

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2013



Chapter Eight

Commander Jeven reached the wooden gates of the Dead lands, there was an unnatural mist seeping in and surrounding the area, commander Jeven mumbled under his breath “by the void, this is truly a gruesome place”. Jeven scanned the area. It was a barren land, just dust and sand stretching out for miles, no plants, no wildlife. It looked like it was endless. Jeven spun round as the large gates opened.

There stood in the gates opening a huge creature, it looked almost human except it had large black horns and a tail. Jeven placed his hand on the handle of his sword ready to attack the creature. Then, the creature spoke in an emotionless tone “that course of action would be ill advised”

Jeven glared at the creature, his hand still firmly grasped on the sword. The creature continued in the same tone of voice “if we had wanted you dead, you would already been. We have eyes everywhere” Jeven searched cautiously with his eyes and noticed two large figures on top of the gate’s walls. They both had bows on their backs, and Jeven spoke carefully as he knew they could be his last.

“I wish to speak with you leader regarding troops to assemble an army”

The creature replied, who is demanding such a thing. Why would you need such an army?”

Jeven answered proudly “I am commander Jeven, of the elite guard serving emperor Barerin, and the army is to combat the Darkland’s monks and their prophesied warrior”

The creature replied, “Ah, the monks of old, I understand, follow me; I will take you to our leader, but if you betray us, we will kill you”. Jeven followed helplessly. The city was a huge settlement. The creatures stared in shock at Jeven. He did not know what to make of the Dead lands, all he was thinking was get the troops and get the hell out of this place, it feels wrong here and I dislike these ...Creatures.

The creature had lead Jeven through the city until they reached the base of a mountain. They stopped. Jeven looked around in confusion and whispered “what’s going on, why have we stopped”, the creature replied “shh human, monsters up ahead”, Jeven whisper back “what kind of monsters?” The creature looked back at Jeven “enormous spiders”.

Jeven sighed, “How enormous are we talking about, four foot, five foot”, the creature stared in disbelief and replied “more like a twenty-five feet”, Jeven’s face showed dread, he tried to make it not as noticeable but he did not hide it well.

Jeven asked “why can’t we just sneak past them, must we go this way then”, another creature spoke, it was a female “because up in the mountain lies our leaders palace”.

Jeven replied in a sarcastic tone “ oh terrific” the female laughed and said “yer, by the way my name is Alissa ,and he is Matta, my husband”, Matta turned around “ will you both be quiet, do you want our presence to be known to them” Jeven smiled and whispered “ is he always like that?” , Alissa spoke softly

 “No he isn’t, not with our sons and daughter”, Jeven sighed, “That’s good then”. They continued down the path.

Matta stopped and raised his hand; Jeven asked, “What’s going on now?” Alissa spoke “grab your weapon, be prepared for battle”.

The colossal sized spiders swarmed them; Jeven knew this was not going to be an easy fight. Matta had already chopped the legs of one of the spiders, and Alissa finished it off with her bow, it hit the spider square in the chest, its blood was gushing out.

Jeven took out his sword and stab another spider in the chest, and then turned to face another, it knocked Jeven down but Matta jumped onto the spider and plunged his large sword into the spiders back, then he jumped off and helped Jeven to his feet Jeven smiled “thanks for that”

Matta glared back at him and walked away before charging at another enemy.

Once all the spiders were dead, they hiked to the base of the mountain; it was a remarkable sight. The mountain stretched up to the sky as if it was a ladder to heaven. Matta, Alissa and Jeven sat at the base alongside others of the same kind as Matta and Alissa. They were hunters named the stalkers. They gathered the firewood and easily built a fire, Jeven stared into the beautiful flame as the ambers flickered, it was peaceful and still and Jeven had time to think.

He stared up at the twinkling stars, he watched them and tried to join them up and make images in his mind. He pictured a solider fighting a lion, he thought the image was of courage and bravery and that the solider would fight the lion only to protect his king and country. It reminded him of the battle the the Darklands, where he fought to protect his king, and was betrayed by two of his comrades, then he sluggishly fell into a slumber.

Hours passed and the creatures were already up. Jeven sat up and rubbed his eyes and yawned, his eyes were heavy and still half a sleep. Jeven asked Alissa “how long have you all been up”

She laughed and answered, “About five hours, did you know you talk in your sleep”

 He replied in shock “five hours what on earth have you all been doing and I don’t talk in my sleep, do I?”

“We have been preparing for the trip up the mountain and you do indeed talk in your sleep, mainly about the people you have killed”

 He yawned again and spoke “oh I had no idea”.

 Matta walked over to Jeven with a backpack in his hand and spoke loudly as he hurled the pack to Jeven “you’re up, get dressed we have already wasted enough time”

“Ouch, little less chucking objects at me would be nice” Matta glared at him.

 Jeven continued “No, what a pity and your still glaring at me, oh what a shocker, truly it must be your unique skill”

Matta ignored him and marched up the mountain, then followed by the stalkers, and then Alissa paced to Matta’s side. Jeven raced to catch up before they abandoned him. He did not like the idea of being abandoned in a place called the Dead lands it made him uneasy.

They reached the palace’s walls. It was a massive castle, made inside the mountain. It was a defendable location, if somebody tried to fight them they would lose.  It was amazing, as they reached the gate Matta spoke to the guard and then the guard looked at Jeven distastefully, Jeven had wondered what Matta had said to him.

They walked into a great hall it was astonishing how well kept it was. A man creature stepped forward and smiled thoughtfully “Greeting’s friends, I am King Josiah 3rd ruler of the fog watchers”

Jeven looked blankly, then Alissa whispered “we are the fog watchers, a race of beings who strive in misty areas and adapted to see better than anyone can, we can hear further than you do”.

Jeven stepped forward and spoke “I am commander Jeven of Barerin’s elite guard; I have come to ask for your aid against the monks of the Darklands” the king walked to his throne and sat down “so what do you wish me to do? What exactly do you want?”

“I am here to ask if you have any soldiers to spare”

“Of course, I will send word to my men, the monks will fall”

“Thank you your majesty”

“It is no problem, I am happy to help; those monks have been nothing but trouble”

“Tell me about it”

Jeven left the castle; Alissa spoke “You may stay with us until the army is ready”

“Thank you Alissa”

Back at the Darklands Ishmael rushed over to Faro “wait, are you going to search for allies in the lands?”


“I’ve got a better way to get allies”

“And what’s that”

“To get Candrima to send a sign up into the sky, a symbol of hope”

“Oh that’s good, but we can still seek help from the dwarves and the elves as well”

“Yes of course”

“Candrima, we need your help” Ishmael called over

“Yes, what is it” She replied

“Can you send a sign into the sky, to call for aid?”

“I can do that, consider it done” Candrima glowed bright and both Ishmael and Faro shielded their eyes from the light. Then she flew high into the sky and the light exploded from her in all directions, then she floated back down.

“Will that do?” She chuckled

“I think so, I mean even a blind person would see that” Added Faro.




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