Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Four

Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Four Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Four

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is chapter Four of my book. Barerin sends his trusted commanders to destroy the darklands
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This is chapter Four of my book. Barerin sends his trusted commanders to destroy the darklands

Chapter1 (v.1) - Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Four

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This is chapter Four of my book. Barerin sends his trusted commanders to destroy the darklands

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Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2013



Chapter Four

Back in Argon’s palace, Barerin waited anxiously for his messenger to bring him news of Marcus Davo’s mercenaries and the destruction of the Darklands. The messenger dressed in an orange velvet garment, came rushing into the throne room. Barerin stared at the man who was now at his feet. Barerin spoke with a joyful tone “Ah there you are, tell me have you news”, the messenger stepped forward and shifted his feet nervously.

 “Well milord, the good news is that the Darklands was destroyed and many of the monks and villagers were killed, but-

“But what”

“But the wise old monk still lives and the mercenaries were also killed during the assault” Barerin grew red with rage, his fists clenched “how on earth did monks kill trained mercenaries

“I am sorry milord” Barerin Still enraged, lunged himself at the messenger and sunk his blade into the man’s shoulder “do you think this i acceptable?” Barerin bellowed, the messenger clutched his arm and pushed down on the wound to stop the bleeding.

“Milord please, I have a family” snivelled the messenger, Barerin now less agitated “Then they will know how much of a pathetic waste of skin you are”

“M –milord, you are not going to kill me then?”


“Thank you, milord”


“Yes milord”

“However, if you fail me again, I will not be so merciful”,

The messenger bowed and left the palace. Barerin thought for a moment, Dorian came strolling into the throne room; he came up to his father’s side. “Father is it true? I mean did the monks kill the mercenaries” asked Dorian.

“Yes, it seems I have underestimated that senile old fool. I will have to plan another way to annihilate the monks and the rebels’ I will not let them win, mark my words”

“But they have allies”

“Then they will join them in the void”

“I agree”

There was a bright illumination in the vast open sky, which shone through the large bay windows of the palace. Barerin and Dorian looked at each other in horror, the terror clearly visible across their faces. They both rushed over to a window and saw it. Barerin’s face dropped and grew pale; he knew that the guardian was coming. The illumination was blinding, but beautiful. Barerin muttered under his breath “she is here, so let it be, she will die before she can become the prophesied warrior, I will strike her down before she can get to me”.

Barerin paced back into the hall and Dorian followed, Barerin then summoned his commanders, they lined up and bowed. “Kill her, destroy her and those blasted monks too” he barked. The commanders paced out of the palace, Barerin then ran to the door and continued screaming “don’t come back if you fail, and then paused “i will have your heads if you do” then paced around the throne room. Dorian then spoke softly “Father perhaps you should rest-

I don’t want to rest, i want that guardian dead

“But father pacing around and yelling isn’t going to solve anything”

Barerin sighed, “Perhaps your right, I think I will go lie down” he went to his bedchamber and crawled into his bed, fell asleep thinking of the dark days that lay ahead.

Meanwhile the wise old monk looked at the sky and laughed, the monk knew what it was, he just knew. The monk muttered under his breath “she is here” then turned and ran from the old temple shouting at the top of his voice “she is here, she has come” the other monks ran to the crater that had formed from the blast.

At the crater, the monks surrounded it, there was smoke and fire, when the inferno died down the wise monk step forward and climbed into the hole. The legend says that the guardian’s spirit is split into seven objects that only they can wield .The body itself, the heart, the amulet, the armour, the sword, spirit and finally their purest power, the legend was indeed true. Her eyes glowed white with power, at first the old monk thought her eyes was on fire and she bore vein like scars around her eyes and all around her body that glowed in an amazing light, but she felt no pain or discomfort that he could see.

He picked up the pale baby and looked at her in astonishment; she was unharmed by the impact in which she had arrived. The monk whispered. “you truly are an amazing child” the baby smiled and giggled, the monk thought for a moment, did she understand what he had said or possibly she heard his voice, he could not say for certain.

He wrapped the tiny baby in linen clothes and took her to the village, the wise monk went the centre of the village were a stone platform stood in front of the statue. He stood upon it, all the other monks assembled for the meeting, they were talking. Then the wise monk raised his hand and all noise ceased. He shouted, “A new dawn is upon us, the child is here, she will lead the revolution against the tyrannical empire” then he lifted the baby into the air so all could see, they all felt hope and cheered. The wise monk saw a nametag across her hand it read Candrima Spirit, the monk continued, “Her name is Candrima Spirit, she is our saviour, our protector, our guardian”.

The monk took her to the temple and laid her in a cot that was adorned with gold and rubies. She rolled around, the monk tucked her in and spoke softly “you are our last hope little one, sleep soundly here in this sanctuary, may you be blessed with sweet dreams and know that you are safe”.

The monk walked to the door and opened it, he hesitated and look back at the cot and turned out the door. He locked it with a golden key, placed it around his neck, and walked down the temple steps recalling the events that took place today in this holy village. He truly believed that they had been blessed today and that this day will be a day to be remembered forever.

Over the next few days, the monks kept a close eye on Candrima and noticed she aged rapidly, she was a few days old and yet she was as big as a toddler. In addition, she had already some knowledge of speech and walking. She was advanced for her age.  Her hair was as white as snow; her eyes glittered in the sunlight and her skin a pastel ashen colour and yet warm to the touch and full of life. The wise old monk taught her the ways of the monks and she learned quickly.

Barerin’s commanders were dressed in fine matching silver armour; on the chest of each plate bore the insignia of Barerin. There were seven commanders each loyal to Barerin and will do anything he commands of them. They rode upon brilliant stallions that also wore plated armour, their hooves were polished, there manes trimmed, both commander and horse looked like they were valued highly.

The first of the commanders was a tall, muscular man with short blonde hair. He was Barerin’s most trusted commander and had a record of accomplishment. He had a great sword that was inscribed to jeven, use this well as I know you will, you are one of the most skilled warriors I know .

The second of the commanders was a tall, slender man, who seemed a little distant, and had long brown hair. He had a large wooden bow on his back and wore a hooded cloak over his armour, on the bow had a name, Kellen.

The third and fourth commanders were twins, known simply as the twin terrors or Dane and Dante, both had scarlet hair that had been tied into locks. Dante had a beard while Dane was clean-shaven, and they both had a sword and a wooden shield.

The fifth commander was a short man, a dwarf. Who was known across the lands as Darian the destroyer. He was heartless and unremorseful. He killed hundreds of people. He had blonde hair and used a flail which was spiked he was known for his deadly accuracy.

The sixth commander was a fairer man, he believed people should be judged fairly. He was a pale-skinned man with dark hair. He used two daggers as his weapon. He was a gentle man by nature and resented the other commanders for their cruel methods of killing. He was known by the name of Faro.

Finally, the last commander, he was a tanned man with brunette haired elf . He was a mage skilled in necromancy and blood magic. He was a force to be reckoned with. Armed with his knowledge of the darker magic’s, he could turn an army against itself in a matter of seconds, and this was Finn.

They were dangerous and had no fear, as they rode along the path through the city. The civilians hid in their homes and peered out the windows. Faro looked around at the people and sighed heavily. Jeven shot a hard glance at him. Faro never liked the way the other commanders treated the city folk. He hated it.

Most of the commanders enjoyed the frightened peasants flee from their presence, which pleased them. They struck fear into the hearts of men, women and children.

They started out to kill the child as Barerin ordered; they left the city in an ordered fashion. They  had to pass through the Darkened forest just outside of the city. The trees were twisted, rotten and gruesome. They were disfigured shapes that haunted the night. The commanders leaped from their horses and treaded lightly across the tainted, thick bile that lined the floor.

They looked at the vile and gagged; the horses whinnied as they continued down the path. They reached the middle of the forest. They camped in a bare patch of land. Which had two large logs that faced each other; commander Kellen was a hunter and built a fire while the others gathered the firewood.

It was a cool evening, the commanders had made shelter, and the moon glowed bright amidst the dark midnight sky. The darkness and shadows whispered in the emptiness. The commanders took turns to keep watch for predators and enemies. Faro sat down next to Kellen and spoke “So do you agree with the slaughtering of innocents”

Kellen raised an eyebrow and sighed “No, I do not, but we have no choice, if the emperor wants someone dead then we must do as we are ordered”

“What? Are we really going to kill a child?”

“I don’t like the idea, but we have to”

“Kellen we have been friends for a long time and grew up together in the village, are you honestly going to kill this child?” Kellen got up and walked over to the fire “I’ll go and get some more fire wood”

“You didn’t answer my question”

Kellen looked back at Faro and then turned into the forest. When Kellen returned he was covered in blood and was carrying logs and dead hares. “So run into a little trouble did we.” Dante asked.

“No, I brought breakfast for the morning”

“Oh well that’s good” Finn spoke.

Kellen placed the logs on the fire and they all drifted off to sleep.

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