Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Seven

Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Seven Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter Seven

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is chapter seven. After the distruction of the darklands, the monks rebuilt the village.
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This is chapter seven. After the distruction of the darklands, the monks rebuilt the village.

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This is chapter seven. After the distruction of the darklands, the monks rebuilt the village.

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Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2013



Chapter Seven

Over the next few weeks, the Darklands was once again rebuilt and restored. Kellen suggested building only using strong metals so it would not be so easy to destroy and the villagers did as he said. The walls were now stronger than ever and the gates had massive metal latches across them.

The monks knelt in front of the stone platform, and prayed for the wise monks passing. Atop of the stone platform, stood a large pyre made of sticks and leaves, and inside was the wise monk.

Each of the senior monks went up to the pyre and placed what looked like a white lilies upon pyre, then said their goodbyes. When all the lilies’ were placed, each monk took a branch and ignited the pyre.

The guardian watched silently as the pyre burned, Faro walked over to her “So where were you, I mean I didn’t see you in battle” Faro asked.

“I was locked in the temple if you remember,” She answered

“Yes I do remember, but they say you have enough power to destroy a planet. I think you could have got out of there with ease”

“The wise monk did not wish me to intervene”

“Intervene, many people lost their lives”

“Yes Faro. You need to understand things happen for a reason and that death is only a stone’s throw away”

“Cut the cryptic crap for a second”

“You should be more respectful”

“No you should. While you were off god knows were, we were fighting for our life’s, that might be meaningless to you, but its everything to us”

“I understand your anger; there was nothing I could have done.  I can see the future and saw every possible outcome, and this was the least damaging”

“Least damaging, you’re joking right. Look around and tell me this is least damaging”

“No, I am sorry and this only the beginning of the war. It will get worse.” she vanished and Faro looked around and saw nothing “Well that was nice, great just great. Well it was nice chatting with you, you stupid bitch. Can you hear that?” Faro walked off to calm down.

The temples took many blows, the commanders had made sure of it, and one of temples was still ablaze. Kellen grabbed buckets full of water, when the villagers saw what he was doing they joined in to help. When the temple fires were out, they began to remake them. Only one temple was unharmed in the crossfire, the one that Candrima was locked in.

People were talking about it while they were grabbing handfuls of metal. Faro raced over and Candrima appeared he spoke “hey, do you think there is anything you do to help. I mean if it’s not too much to ask of the great guardian”, she sighed and looked at the temple and her eyes flashed white. The metal that had been collected began to move and rose up into the air and in a matter of minutes, the temple was built. Everyone looked at her in shock then turned back to the temple, Faro spoke “damn. Well it is about time you pitched it. I mean we are all out here getting our hands dirty while you just stand there”.

Kellen run up to Faro and laughed in disbelief, “wow that was pretty cool”, Faro met him “yer, it was something”.

Faro asked “we need new weapons”, Kellen replied in a proud tone “oh, we do” and Faro asked questionably “what, were I haven’t seen any weapon except dagger staffs”. Kellen walked over to a hole and called over to Faro. He ran over and look into a hole “what, that’s metal”

“Yes it is, we found out when it is ignited, it gives out a blinding light, in enough quantity we can blind many enemies and use this to our advantage. It is magnesium”.

Faro spoke “How did you know what it is?

“I er… studied the elements, minerals and metals of this earth”

“You never told me this”

“Well you didn’t ask and it wasn’t important”

“So, was this before you became a hunter?”

“No during”

“Well I am glad you did something other than hunting and fighting and I am getting off track. So this stuff blinds. Good work we shall see Jeven fall, but he won’t”.

“Indeed, also if he has gotten his army from the Dead lands then we will need more than blinding metal” Kellen paused “where are we going to get this army?”

Faro looked at Kellen with a smile “everyone hates the emperor we will recruit people all over the lands”.

Kellen looked confused and raised an eyebrow then Faro sighed, “We need an army right, so we build an army with the people who also want Barerin dead, yes”

Kellen smiled “like an alliance” his tone turned sarcastic “oh goody I always wanted to make friends with strangers who most likely want me dead. Oh joy of joys; it’s what I have always wanted”.

Faro spoke “you know my friend, sarcasm isn’t one of your nice traits”, Kellen laughed, “It’s true” and smiled “I am a bad man”.

“Well it seems we have to go and make some friends, let’s get started shall we” Faro replied.

 Kellen sighed “Sure why not”.


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