Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter six

Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter six Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter six

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



This is chapter six. Faro has a change of heart and betrays the emperor
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This is chapter six. Faro has a change of heart and betrays the emperor

Chapter1 (v.1) - Guardians:Fight For Freedom Chapter six

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This is chapter six. Faro has a change of heart and betrays the emperor

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2013



Chapter Six

The commanders examined the walls, “The walls are well built, but will buckle under massive amount of pressure” announced Darian.

“Were on earth are we gonna get enough pressure to break it “added Finn.

Jeven looked closely at the wall’s structure “hmm, if we hit the more vulnerable parts of the walls and Finn uses his magic to pull the planks away. It should weaken it and then all we need to do is smash into it”

“Sounds like a plan” Dante replied.

“No pressure then” Finn laughed.

Finn shook violently, his body was contorted and his hands lit up like sparklers bursting to life. He pulled his hands towards him and the planks followed shortly. Finn fell to his knees and collapsed; Dane and Faro rushed over to him and helped him back to his feet.

“Finn, Are you alright?” Dante asked.

“Argh…well that hurt” grumbled Finn.

 “Hah, the elf got his ass kicked…by a wall” Darian chuckled.

“Somebody hit the dwarf…please” Finn muttered.

“We don’t have time for this” Jeven yelled and paced over to the wall. He began hitting it; his huge sword cutting through the air and landed thunderously against the wood. The others shrugged and joined him.

The commanders left their horses outside the wall. When the wall began to give way, the commanders stepped gracefully through the debris. The Darkland’s bell rang once again.  Ishmael ran to the old monk “You’ve got to be kidding. We are under attack again. You know what we should do . We should put a giant wooden sign outside saying: Darklands, line up and attack us” Ishmael ranted.

“Please Ishmael this is not the time to joke” The wise old monk whispered.

“Not a joke, come on wise one, we keep being attacked. How is it not a joke?”

“People have died”

“I understand that, but this is getting ridiculous”

“We need to fight the commanders”

“Fine” Ishmael sighed.

The wise old monk shouted to all the panicking villagers and monks “Arm yourselves protect the guardian, at all costs” then he turned around and said, “If we fail all hope is lost” and shot a worrying glance towards Ishmael. He stood there and nodded back.

They picked up their staffs and began fighting, they were not as skilled as the commanders were, but they fought bravely against them. The monks all saw the devastation and damage that the commanders had already caused.

This once tranquil village had been turned into a chaotic mass of debris and rubble. The wise monk looked across the village and his face turned into a disheartening frown, all the hope had completely vanished from his face.

He spotted the commanders advancing into the heart of the village. He looked down at them and Jeven examined the wise monk’s face then glared at the monk with such resentment. That he truly did look like a spawn of the devil.

Meanwhile Dane and Dante terrorised the villagers, they cut down a woman and her child. Their eyes were soulless. They were about to chop down a man, Faro yelled and stopped the commanders “This is not what we are here for”

Dante glared at Faro and replied “lighten up, we can have a little fun, while we are here” then he stared over to the village man. Faro replied in a distasteful tone “killing defenceless men, women and children, you find this fun, you both sicken me”.

Dane stepped forward and laughed “you don’t find this fun, to control life and death in one’s hand, we are gods, what’s more fun than that” he walked up to the village man and drew his blade. Then looked at Faro, turned back to the village man and slit his throat.

Faro’s face dropped into a horrific expression, then scanned both the commander’s faces.  He then looked down to the village man who was now gasping and bleeding out. Faro yelled “why on earth did you kill him, he was no threat to you. He was unarmed”.  

Dane spoke in an unapologetic tone “we have a job to do; we must do what we must. They are a threat to the reign of emperor Barerin, and they would rebel against him”.

Faro stood silent and the twin commanders walked away. He knelt upon the ground and then stared again at the dead villager. He thought I know what I must do. Kellen is not going to like it and the others will hunt me, but I cannot do this anymore then he run towards the monk’s temple.

The monks saw the man’s approach as an attack he spoke in a sympathetic tone “please i… only want to help, I can’t do this” the wise monk stood compassionately and replied in a kind-hearted tone.

 “Why would you turn against your fellows, to help us”? Faro put down his daggers, strolled towards the wise monk, and sighed “I have seen great injustice and I am sick of seeing innocent folk die. I looked at my comrades and saw nothing but soulless beasts; they are no longer the people I know. I have seen atrocities of a barbaric nature, and I wish to repent my sins”. The wise monk studied Faro, and past judgement.

“You seem generally remorseful, if you wish to atone then help us protect the light” Faro nodded and spoke “of course, anything you wish…by the way I am commander Faro”

The wise monk nodded and spoke “I am known as the wise one”. He nodded back.

The wise monk took the key from his neck. Faro reached to grab it and the monk spoke “we put our trust in you, promise you will not betray us.”

“I promise on my wife and sons graves”. Faro said. Then all the monks went to battle against the commander. Faro picked up his daggers, placed them in his belt, and ran into battle.

The wise monk found commander Darian. The commander turned to face the monk and took out his flail. The spiked ball hit the ground and the monk took out his staff that had a dagger attached to the tip of it. They both fought fiercely. The flail hit the monk across the chest, the monk fell to the ground bleeding and his staff rolled across the ground. It began to rain, the cold water refreshed the monk as he crawled away, but Darian walked towards him still swinging the flail.

However, suddenly the flail fell out of the commander’s hand and fell to the ground then followed the commander. Then all of a sudden, the monks staff’s tip went through the commander’s chest.

The monk stared in confusion. There stood behind the fallen commander was Faro. He stood in the rain; he looked magnificent as the rain rolled down his armour. His face was serious then he said humorously “need a hand” then paused and said “friend” then held out his hand out.

The monk grabbed his hand and said “friend”, they both laughed then both looked at the dead commander. The rain-washing away his blood away like it was filth. Faro walked sturdily while the wise monk limped. Then arrows flew through the air, they were warning shots.  Faro searched around until he saw a dark figure on top of a roof, with his hood up and bow drawn.

The rain falling on him it seemed not to bother him he looked mysterious and deadly.  It was commander Kellen. He jumped down onto the ground and paced up to Faro. Kellen spoke in a serious tone, “I should have known you were going something stupid, just didn’t know what” Faro sighed.  “Please Kellen you are the most sensible man I know, you must know this is wrong, these terrible act’s, murder.”

Kellen rotated around to Faro and murmured, “I know, but what can we do?” then Faro glanced at the monk and said

“We can help the monk’s fight Barerin”

Kellen looked helplessly and replied “Are you sure they can even win? Is this truly wise”

Faro said confidently “We can win and we will, for they have a weapon equal to any blade or bow. Please Kellen as a friend come with us”. He laughed, “In the name of our friendship, you have my bow”. Faro smiled “thank you, old friend”.

They all scanned around and saw the twin commander’s frightening villagers. Both Kellen and Faro took out a dagger and snuck up behind them and in unison, both Kellen and Faro slit the twin’s throats. Their bodies fell silently upon the ground.

The rain caused the grass to become muddy they had to be careful. The wise monk spotted Commander Finn in the distance and said to Faro and Kellen “go to the temple, use the key to find the Guardian, the woman goes by the name of Candrima I am going to avenge my people”

Faro smiled “Good luck to you, we will find her and protect her”.

The monk went to Finn and fought bravely, Ishmael saw the wise monk and run to him but it was too late. Finn had boiled the wise monk’s blood. Ishmael stood in shock unable to move, then was infuriated.

He took his masters staff and countered every attack that Finn did. Then he tripped Finn onto the floor, whispered crossly “this is for the master”, and sunk the staff into Finn’s flesh.

The blood squirted out of his mouth and trickled down his chin. Then Ishmael ran to the temple and met Kellen and Faro. Kellen asked questionably “where is the old monk?” then Ishmael looked sorrowfully and hesitated then finally spoke “he is dead”, both Kellen and Faro looked stunned. Faro spoke sadly, “I am so sorry”

Ishmael replied, “He knew the risks, and he knew death would catch up with us. He’s with god now” then Kellen spoke “then only Jeven remains; he will go to the city of the Deadlands to gather a large enough force to fight with. It will take him some time and he won’t go down without a fight”.

“Then we gather an army as well” Faro answered then continued “we stay here to help rebuild and to train Candrima” both Kellen and Ishmael agreed.

Meanwhile commander Jeven trekked all day and all night, alone, bitter and damp. Then he saw it, The Dead lands, the city of the dead and gateway to hell. Legend goes anyone who travelled to the Dead lands never returned or they did not leave the lands alive, and it is said dangerous creatures rule the land, but that did not frighten him he continued and reached the gate.

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