i look to heaven now

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This is a very short song i wrote

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



I look to heaven now

I looked to heaven now, the world burning in hell,

dreaming in another mind, hoping the sky clears,

l looked to heaven now praying to a lost god i didnt know,

watching the land engulfed in fire,

i looked to heaven now,

in desperation and in need,

watching the home i once lived fade in this dream,

these sour notes sing and my tears fall,

i looked to heaven as it changes,

no longer a beauty, no longer a paradice,

but poisoned like the rest,

i looked to heaven now,

darker than my home before,

hell has taken all, and the sea boils as lava flows,

demons run the world i longed to escape,

i no longer look to heaven now,

lost in my own nightmare, heaven cannot help me now,

the air as toxic as the lies of heaven bring,

i no longer look to heaven, no longer do i trust my mind, no longer shall i follow the lies nor trust my eyes.

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