School Awhile Ago...

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Sorry but the truth about school...

Submitted: January 16, 2015

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Submitted: January 16, 2015



So, this was yesterday, and in the morning I was having a good day. I was in math (which isn't my favorite ( love the teacher) ) So then I am now heading down to math. I have a bad feeling in my stomach. I was right, I should have one. Jackson my friend stopped me and said come here. I listened. I went over and said what do you want today? He sad look at my wrist. I thought it was all over last year. It wasn't. I looked at his wristed. There were cuts. He cut again.. I was really upset. I said I thought this was all over. He said that was when I was still with her. He just went through an awful break up with my bestfriend because she tried to kill herself. What I didn't know was that they were back together. Paige and I haven't talked in a while so I didn't know. So, I was upset for a while. Then, while I'm upset, I go into a book club. So we and we had to write nice things about everyone in there. Well we just got back from a break. So a lot of people were still in a good mood. It was easy for a lot of people not me though. I was having a hard time focusing on it. I leave and go to lunch. I am walking out and get down the hallway just getting back from lunch Jackson is holding his head saying he is dizzy. I sad g down to the nurse, I'll take you he said no! And ran off. He was really dizzy and I tricked him into going down. I had a HUGE headache in 4th period. I went and took some medicine. It was in between two classes. Jackson stopped me again. I said okay. He cut deeper into his skin. It was black and blue. He was bleeding. I was almost crying. I texted Paige and said I'm sorry, but I'm down with this crap. Her friends were questioning her on if I had died. I really wanted to. I didn't for three reasons. One: Paige is only alive because of Jackson, Lanna, and me. We talked her out of it. Two: I had made a promise to Lanna that I would never give up on life or anything. Three: There may not be many, but there are people who care about me. We got out early, I was glad. Now I'm back and still don't want to be here.

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