Dicey (ChallengeGirl's Challenge)

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My word was Ruthless :)

As I sat down to the table, Marcus gave a slight smile to me. This was the fourth blind date Rosie has tried setting up for me this year. “C’mon, Mickey,” I could still hear her whine at me. “He’s my friend’s brother, and single like you!”
“I’m a big girl, Rose.” I sighed, snapping a barrette into my hair, now curled. “I think I can choose my dates by myself.” It was too late to deny her though, she set the date two days ago. THANKS, Rosie. Remind me to change dorms once I get back.
So here I was, with Marcus (I think that’s his name), at an Olive Garden. “So, Mikayla, right?” I bit my lip and nodded. “I go by Mickey.” Marcus just nodded like me and sighed, leaning forward. “Soo, you got set up, huh?”
“You don’t want to be here at all, huh?” Marcus said with a smile, looking at me like I was something new and shiny. Squirming in my chair, I shrugged. “Not so much.” Sure I felt BAD, but I wasn’t going to pretend to have fun. Each and every moment was getting more and more awkward. “Then we don’t need to go on a date.” He laughed. I’m not sure if it was because of my straight-forwardness or the fact that this was all just a waste of time. “Thank god,” I heaved, standing up from my chair, Marcus doing the same. Since we weren’t even there long enough to order anything except for water, we jetted out of the crowded restaurant as soon as possible, through the chilly October air. Being the first into the car, Marcus took a second to get in, a large water stain on the front of his shirt. “Shit.” He cursed under his breath, shivering as he started the car quickly. “What happened?” I asked, looking at the white shirt, now covered with a brown-tinted water stain. Marcus groaned, cranking up the heat. “I accidently ran through a puddle and it shot up.” I bit my lip. Well…. “You can stop off at wherever you live if you need to change real quick.” I suggested. Marcus looked relieved. “You don’t mind?” He questioned, giving me a half-smile. I had to give it to Rosie. He WAS awfully cute. “Course I don’t.”
The ride was pretty silent, the radio humming on John Butler Trio. I was never a big fan, but I had to admitthat they were pretty good. After maybe ten minutes of silent cruising, he pulled up to a small house, maybe 2 bedrooms. It was in a nice house, with a full green lawn and everything. Pretty good for a college kid. “So this is it?” I asked as he turned the ignition off, unbuckling himself. I did the same. “Yep, this is my abode.” He laughed, pausing a second before smiling at me. Exiting the car, we both scurried into the house, quick to rush into the heat.
As Marcus closed the front door and switched on the light, I was temporarily surprised by how amazingly…well kept the house was! “Oh wow..” I said, looking over all the gold, beige, and cinnamon colors. “Yeah, I try to feel as comfortable as possible.”He nodded, biting his lip as he dropped his keys on the coffee table. “Now just hang here, I’ll be right back” Marcus instructed, a small grin on his face before heading into an alternate room. I on the other hand, stayed in his den, looking over his bookcases thoughtfully. There was four, all filled with binders and books. Beginning to just scan over all binders, I noticed how there was a good two shelves of thin black binders with names scribbled on the spine. Alexis Evans. Emily Williams. Sierra Trueman. The names went on forever and forever until I felt like I was going insane, because at the very, very end was mine. Mikayla Walters. As my heart sped up, I pulled my cell phone out and called Rosie. She picked up on the second ring.
“Mickey! How’s the date?”
“Did you set me up with a guy named Marcus?”
“Marcus? Who the hell is that?”
“THE guy, Rose.” I gasped frantically, hoping she just forgot the name. I could hear the party she was at in the background (she had been there an hour before my date), and her walking into a room. I was beginning to feel my breath deepen. “Mickey…the guy I set you up with was named Ryan.” Shit. I’m in deep shit. Just hanging up the call, I pulled out the binder with my name, and came across everything.A full detailed report on me was the first page, complete with my full name, school, age, birth date, address, phone number. All the stalker shit. Followed by millions and millions of photos of me. Some were printed out from things like my MySpace, and others were taken by an actual camera. The occasional photo had a picture with Rosie or a date in it, and suddenly, it struck me with full force. Marcus had been following me for months. He had pretended to be a blind date. And NOW, I was in his house. And I had to get out.
Shoving the binder back in, I struggled to get up, my knees feeling wobbly. Stumbling forward to the door, I didn’t get far because Marcus got to me first. “I heard the conversation.” He said with a smile, his voice straight. He was in a clean, black shirt now. “What conversation?” I lied, pretending to just be looking around. “Stop with the shit, Mickey,” Marcus sighed, coming closer. Already knowing I blew it, I took a step back. My heart was breaking my ribs from beating so hard. I was scared he could hear it. “Now that you know, it makes everything much harder.” I said, walking over to the bookshelf to grab a binder. MY binder. I knew that if I tried to run, he would be able to cut me off easily, so I slid against a wall. “I’m afraid I’ll just have to work you early.” He said, the smile gone from his face. Now, he looked scary as hell. “Why are you doing this?” I asked, feeling tears well up from my eyes.
“Because I can.” Marcus sneered, dropping the binder and walking towards me. Being stuck, I just waited, watching as he grabbed my hair and pulled me up. I took hold to a small side table beside his couch to hold myself up. Pulling my hair even more until I leaned forward to him, he kneed my stomach, making me drop. “You little bitch.” Marcus laughed, smacking me on the face as I clenched onto the side of the table. My lip was beginning to bleed as he watched me cry for a second, then continued to walk around me and grab me by the ankles. “To the bedroom we go!” He said in a sing-song voice. Still holding onto the table, I stretched my fingers out for something or ANYTHING that could protect me. They found a lamp. “Come on, Mickey, unless you plan on getting fucked up on the floor.” Marcus said, giving another tug on my legs.
Gripping the lamp, I swiveled my top half and screamed my lungs out as I swung the lamp. Dropping my ankles, Marcus stumbled back and yelped, gripping his face. Apparently, I struck him just above the eye. Blood began to seep from under his fingers. “You little shit!” he hissed, letting go of his face. My phone started to ring in my bag across the room, which temporarily relieved his temper. “Oh, you have a call. Don’t tell me you’re cheating on me.” Marcus laughed wryly, taking hold of my wrist. The blow did no good, and now the lamp was broken, but there WAS a long vase near where my phone was. Biting my lip, I followed him over as he picked up my phone, hesitating to answer. “Make a sound and I’ll make this much more painful than it has to be.” He informed me, pulling his voice into a calm, sickening tone when he flipped it open.
“Hello?” He said, sounding perfectly content. Glancing behind his back, I saw the vase, just beyond him. Maybe if I was fast enough I could reach, then swing. “Mickey? Oh, she JUST left in a cab.” He laughed. “I suppose she left her phone, so I’ll give it to her tomorrow.”Not caring who he was chatting with,I squirmed to get a little closer to the vase, Marcus not paying attention.“Alright, make sure to tell her I had a great night.” That’s when I lunged for it. Jerking myself forward to grab the vase, I bashed it against the back of his head and cried out to the cell phone. “HELP!!” I yelled, Marcus just well enough to snap it close. “I TOLD you to be QUIET.” Marcus yelled, striking me on the forehead with the phone. It was just enough for me to black out.
Climbing up the attic stairs, I twisted my face. “Ugh. Looks like need to head to the dump soon.” I mumbled to myself, dropping the trash bag in the pile of four others, along with the broken cell phone. I knew the police would be around soon, so I also took it in my power to pack away my binders in their boxes, and stash all of that in the attic too.
I sure wish Mickey would have been more accepting of the situation, rather than bruise me up like that, but I didn’t mind. Nothing some simple makeup couldn’t cover up. Besides, it was a loss loss. I couldn’t have my way, and she lost her week of living. If she was nice, I could have even given her two weeks, then just shoot her in the mouth to make it quick. But no, she had to be difficult. Sad, since she was one of the prettier girls that came around.
Coming down stairs, I waited for the police toroll around. It took all of about ten minutes.When the bell rang, I counted to twenty before opening the door. “Hello officer, what can I do for you?”
Standing by the officer was Rosie, Mickey’s friend. Eyeliner was smudged down her puffy cheeks. “You murdering bastard!” She wailed, jabbing her manicured nail in my face. “THIS man killed my friend. I heard!” The police, looking like he suddenly was being given a brain-racking puzzle, eased her. “Now, now, ma’am . We need to conduct a thorough search before we rush to conclusions.” I moved aside to let the one man and another inside, Rosie staying out. “Won’t you come inside?” I asked, still set aside. I had watched Rosie too. She had been my original target, but Mickey was much to pretty to just leave out there. I had to have her first, then maybe Rosie. “I’m not going to give you the pleasure.” She hissed, leaning in close. Making sure the police were upstairs, I gripped Rosie’s small neck, holding it tight. She gagged. “Watch your mouth, or I’ll break your neck just like I did your friend.”
Easy to say the police left without finding a thing, and in a measly half an hour! I was doing much better than I did in the last town, which pleased me.So, for a present to myself, I pulled out my camera and began to upload my newest pictures that would soon go into Mickey’s folder. Of her leg. Her head. Her fingers. Every single thing I cut apart.
Truth be told, I like my girls dicey.

Submitted: June 17, 2009

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Maddie McBook

ur freaking phsyco rach..

Fri, June 19th, 2009 3:08am


Omg. OMG!!! Marcus is so freaky!! He cut her apart! EWWW!! It sure fits the topic "ruthless". FREAKKYYY! I'm gonna have nightmares tonight. This was really really good. ( And really really scary. ) I'm gonna click the "I Like It" button ^^

Fri, June 19th, 2009 4:16pm


Mika97 is right. This is freaky! And fits your topic. ^^ Really good! Good luck with the challenge! ^^

Tue, June 23rd, 2009 7:23am

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