He doesn't tell her.

Hi there Kelly,
You don't know me, 
But I know you.
You sit in my English class,
With your long braid,
And play with your pen.
Hi there Kelly.
I think I like you,
The way you smile,
It warms my heart.
Hi there Kelly.
Do you see me?
That boy in the corner?
He has seen you.
All year.
Hi there Kelly.
We are freshmans now.
I sent you an invatation to the dance.
I guess you never got it.
Hi there Kelly.
We are graduating.
I bought you a present.
But I was too scared to give it to you.
Hi there Kelly.
I see your married now.
I wish I could have congradulated you,
But I had to get home.
Hi there Kelly.
What a beautiful daughter you have.
She looks just like you,
Back when we were in highschool.
Kelly, why didn't you tell me?
Now You're gone, and I'm reading your diary.
Why didn't you tell me you liked me?
I miss you Kelly.

Submitted: October 26, 2008

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