Now That You Left.

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Why are you gone? You were here yesterday. I was okay. You were happy. Why aren't WE here? Why is it only me...

Submitted: December 17, 2008

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Submitted: December 17, 2008



Now that you left,
my room is darker.
My lights aren't quite that bright.
The stars seem much more far.
And the roads feel a lot bumpier.

Now that you left,
my bed seems so much colder.
All the love songs seem like lies.
Everthing means nothing.
Valentines Day isn't as heart-felt.
And every breath seems like a gasp.

Now that you left,
crying seems like a hobby.
Phone calls no longer are important.
Letters always seem to be said wrong.
And all flowers look like they are wilting.

Now that you left,
I don't feel whole.
My words are now so hollow.
My smiles are always crooked.
And my heart beats off key.

Now that you left.

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