The army chaplin

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The military called to me, but is this more than what I signed up for...

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



The sound of gun fire was pulsing outside; making a rhythmic beat that was keeping me awake. “Our father who warnt in heaven…” I tried the I best I could to keep my thoughts strained on the prayer.  My fingers were moving slowly to the next bead, every time I finished the Hail Mary. My thoughts were everywhere, it usllaly happened like this, me concentrating how many life’s will be taken from these bullets and who well see me on their death bed. I couldn’t take it anymore laying in my tent I sat up. Blood rushed starting from my fingers traveling to my face. The hairs on my neck arose while the tingling sensation that I felt often was approaching. That’s when I knew that God needed me.
I ran to grabbed the doors of the ten, when I started to hear yelling from the outside. “Hurry”! “Open that open that”! “Get Rachel”! I pulled the flaps open, and 3 men carrying a body rushed inside. The nurses that was with them rushed to work on the man that was being carried. As the men moved for me to look at the man at the cot, I noticed how severer his injury was.  I recognized the guy, joseph his name was, he was married and had a son on way. His wife was Julie, and the soon to be baby was Jackson. When reality hit me, I stayed calm, Joseph lower torso was completely blown off, his legs were gone, red blood was pouring out of his pelvis, while his spine bone was dangling from his body. It was mercial that he lasted so long, with that much pain. He couldn’t move, being paralyzed he yelled my name. I pushed aside the one nurse to look at him. I grabbed my bag with my equipment inside. I put my hand on his face know that that’s the only place he can feel.  He managed to smile “I’m ready to die”, the day before this, joseph became a  full catholic. He competed the classes, the night before and received confession and the holy sacrament. He told me the morning of this accident, that this day was different from all other days, that this day was the day he experienced life.  
That’s when I went blind and God took control of me, my hand moved to his forehead I started to feel his pain, it was starting from my feet and inched its way up me. Tho my body was working automatically, grabbing the holy oils and the bread of Christ. I took his pain, my legs were pulsing with pain making it unbearable to stand, my stomach felt like it was ripped out of me twisting and turning. My fingers when cold, as if my blood was draining out of my body. In my mind I was on the ground trashing and twitching with pain, but physicaly my body stood, and worked in blessing the man that was about to fully see God. Josephs was peaceful, not feeling the pain at all, tears was falling from the Connors of his eyes  as he was staring straight to the top of the tent. “Rachel… my boy is going to be amazing.. I see it… I see his life… “. As I tried my best to deal with the pain of joseph I managed to understand what he was saying. “Rachel thank you.. I`m excited to see the creator.. you helped me do that.. I’ll always watch over you, and help you in any way I can.” His eyes  was fixed on the celling while a man rushed into the tent with a computer. Tears  was dripping off his face onto the pillow that was placed earlier. I was finished, he was complete ready to see the lord face to face.  The rushing man that came with the computer shoved me out the way knowing I was done, and put the camera to joseph face, his wife was on the other side of screen crying, and trying to be strong and was manning to speak to joseph. Joseph eyes rolled to the screen and uttered words to his wife and baby. When I was forced back to my body I fell immediately, sweat poured out of my face, I was tossing and turning in pain. I took josephs pain, so he could utter his last words to his wife and soon to be baby. I was grinding my teeth together, inching my way to not get stepped on. As I managed to reach a pillow I shoved my head into it, screaming praises to God, thanking him, blessing his holy name. After 40 minutes of pain, feeling like you nerves was ripped out of your body, dangling, being helpless, not being able to feel your toes or fingers, was awful pain. I was so glad that I got to experience this, that I got the grace to take his pain away, while he prayed his last time with his wife. After their prayer was finished, pain released me. Instantly I was relieved, feeling nothing but utterly tired. Joseph screamed with pain. I could see sweat pouring from his face and tears filling up in his eyes. His head was shaking and sweat was drenching the blanket that was covering him. He screamed “God I praise you”! Then silence.
The nurses faces were blank. They never seen this madness before, they didn’t understand how he lived that long, or holding a conversation for that matter. No one noticed me on the floor as I inched my way to my cot. I managed to sit down. I stared at josephs corps, like everyone else. They were stunned not believing what happened.  The nurse pronounced his death, and when they turned around to look at me, I knew God had changed every one of their hearts. I was disgusting, my clothes stuck to my body that was drenched with sweat. I was breathing hard, and was trying to say something to the people. “Gods truly amazing, Believe and rejoice because there’s much to be happy for”. I glanced at Josephs best friends that carried him in, “Don’t be afraid of death embrace it, because with God your capable to do anything. Take Joes death as a rejoicing! He is in forever peace”!
The whole room was quite, even the wife of joseph was silent, not uttering one word. She cried silent tears, but she knew God would get her through his difficult time. That’s when everyone left the tent and the bullets outside stopped. The whole night was quite now, blood was clotting next to josephs body. As I walked to see his corps.  His eyes was open, he had clear blue eyes that was now wide, with no soul left in his body. As I went to shut his eyes, his body was still warm, as if he was asleep. His blood was already turning into a deep red and was collating into clumps. That’s when I fell to my knees thinking about the mother, his child, his friends and what he meant to me. I started to cry, weeping until the cleanup nurses came to clean and move his body.
As I was put into a different tent, I feel to the floor, feeling alone and deepened with sadness. I didn’t know what to do. Being human I felt depressed, and sick, seeing how God swept a good friend of mine away from this earth.  How he had so much to live for, and how it got taken away to be with the creator. But I knew, this would make me stronger, make all of us stronger in my faith, in our friendships, and with God. So I got on my knees and prayed. For hours I prayed, asking God to help us with his absents. I Praised God, thanking him for helping joseph, and for allowing me to help. As soon at morning struck I was ready to face the next day.

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