I wonder of your mind

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confessing the obsession

I'm scared
I don't want to do this
But I may loose something
Something important to me
Well maybe miss something important
I'm so nervous
I never been to good on my own
I'm not good with much on my own
I want to know
To know what you think about
What runs through your mind
What do you think about before
Before you dream
Cause I know what
I want to dream about
But I can't
I just can't gather the strength
To muster up my courage
To tell you what
What is on my mind
But I think you should know
I don't want to be hopeful
It usually leads me to a broken heart
Still I rather not miss out on something
Something so precious
Something I want to cherish
Well not just something
But I just can't
I wont
Because I want to be thought about
About in the night
I just want
Want so much
That would be you
But I wont tell you this
No I'll never speak up
My voice could not reach you
Cause I don't know
Know anything that goes on in your mind
I just wish
Wish it could be
Only me.

Submitted: October 08, 2012

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