After you left me

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This is a poem highlighting the the pain of a lover

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



Walking all alone
Without a doubt in my mind
My love is nothing
but a badge of wounds
T'is a time when all scorned
and fell apart like nothings wrong

No, not that i have lost
the agony has engulfed all my thoughts
Still there's only one thing i seem to do
is walk alone..............

A pretty good time it seemed with you
you were there to help me out
in every gloom and despair
You were there to make me feel
that someone's meant for only me
Come whatever be............
Come whatever be............

But all those reckonings were put to shame
All those mellows were all in vain
Even in tempest thoughts
I never winked without you caught

And now you leave me all alone
Scrimped my life scrimped my soul
But bubbling embers through my whole
Keep on searching for your trace
Drooping down in silent gaze
Dying for that one embrace.............
Dying for that one embrace.............

The search it seems will forever reign
Those wounds of mine in a feign
But buried still in my heart
That love of yours keeps me opt:

"All those words were not in dross
Cupid silence will help the pain cross"

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