To be Continued...

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A mystery in a person's life.

Submitted: October 16, 2013

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Submitted: October 16, 2013



"Which is the dream, life or beyond life?" - Anonymous 

I could hear the ECG pulse monitor, but i was too weak to open my eyes. My whole body was under pain, although i was completely blank about what was happening. Just then i heard the nurse screaming "Doctor!" and suddenly, i heard a number of foot steps.

Doctor: Chris, can you hear me?..Chris..

His voice was not clear at first, but then later on it started to make sense. Slowly, i opened my eyes, but it was as if the sun was right in front of me, the light in the room seemed so bright. It was like a baby opening its eyes for the first time.

I forced myself to open my eyes, but with every blink, i saw flashes of memories. All i could remember was, my bike losing brake and colliding with a lorry.
I was happy to be alive, i thanked God for saving me from such a horrible disaster, but i didn't know that the end was not it.

The doctor let some people to come inside the room. I was shocked to see that they were none other than my relatives. I smiled at them, but in return they were expressionless. I could see the sadness in their faces. It then occured to me that my time was drawing near.

With every second, my body was getting weaker, i could feel an immense pain in my head. It became harder to breathe, just then i noticed that my mother had burst into tears. I began to choke, like there was no more air to breathe. I could hear the ECG pulses now at a faster rate, but more than the pulses, i could hear and feel my heart beat faster than ever, loud and clear.

Time then went slow, darkness slowly sweeped into my eyes, my pain slowly dissolving, voices and sounds slowly fading. I knew i was almost there, there was a great fear within my mind, but with courage, i surrendered.


The next moment,i woke up with a bruised hand, i had fallen from the sofa. I breathed so heavily and looked at the vicinity, and found myself in a familiar room. It was a hall, a well furnished home, at the centre was a table, the top of which was covered with glass. On the table, there was a cup of coffee. 

For a moment, i doubted if my world was real. I touched the cup and i could feel its heat.
It was then i noticed myself. My hands looked older, near the age of 30. I was taken back for i had no clue what was going on. I could see my reflection on the window. With calmness, i looked at the reflection, it was me, but older.

I accepted that all what i saw was just a dream, but then i did live a life...a whole life in a dream?
I sat on the couch, sipping the coffee, still puzzled, but i was relieved that i could taste coffee again. Just then i heard a voice from behind,

(A lady) : Finally you woke up?

I looked behind and stood up. There was a lady, she was a stranger to my eyes, but not to me. It was like a sudden refresh to my memory, i knew who she was, i knew she was my wife.

Me : Hey Mina...(I was never so happy to see her) long was i asleep?

Mina : About half an hour, hey by the way, i'm gonna order pizza...veg for you?

Me : Yup!

She turned away into the kitchen and i was back onto the couch. "Maybe it WAS a dream", i told myself, still unsure what life really was.

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