Words from Within

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My words from within to a person whom I truly loved.

Submitted: October 16, 2013

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Submitted: October 16, 2013



I was just a passerby,
until I found your shrine.
As I laid my eyes on yours,
an incessant zeal filled my mind,
a feeling unknown to me.

Our destinies made us meet,
In a whit of time we became friends.
From the first day, I missed you,
I adored you.

I wished I could sing for you,
but all I could do was look at you,
smile like an imbecile,
gaze at your beatific aura.

Sleepless nights,
a million daydreams about us.
My heart so content when I think of you,
"How do I express this?",
I kept wondering.

I know I have my flaws,
I long to be flawless for you.
I know I'm just a human,
but you are my nymph.

I wish to hold your hand,
fill your heart with euphoria,
be the reason for your joy,
be the one whom you miss.

I love you,
since I can see your beauty,
not through my eyes,
just with my heart.

Give me a chance,
come into my life,
feel my love,
I'm here for you.

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