Jay's Depression

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Jay has to suffer the change from the country to the city life. IMPORTANT: THIS WRITING IS NOT PROFESSIONAL, IT IS NOT FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR SUPER DUPER SKILL.???? That is all I have left to say. Goodnight.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Life was hard in Camrose. Jay sat by his dad, Mark, and hoped he would die so he didn't have to exist tomorrow or any day after. He felt as though nothing in the world could help him or make him feel better about himself today, he felt terrible and sick with fright. He had to go to school tomorrow in the city. His dad is trying to support him but is dumb meaning can't talk. It's hard not being able to talk so I just usually stay quiet when around him for his sake. Dad stood up and went to milk the cow. It was a warm day in the little house that they owned in the country. Jay always thought about his mother when it was this hot out. She died in a fire. Jay snapped back to reality when he noticed a tear running down his face. It was even more sorrowing that Jay had to go to the city by himself so his dad could take care of the farm. Go to the city for school, tommorow. There was only so much time between now and tomorrow. Jay almost forgot to spend this time with his dad. And off jay went outside to his dad with the cow. It sure was hot outside. Jay could feel the heat penetrating the thin layer of pale blue paint that was roughed up by nature. His dad's white shirt was glowing brightly with the sun beating down on it. The little boy really wanted to remember doing something good for his father in their last moments together. Jay pointed to the cow and mouthed \"Can I?\". Mark gave a slight nod and gestured toward the cow. Jay kneeled down in the muddy sod and slid the tin bucket in front of him. It rained overnight so his jeans soaked up the water and chilled his knees. Mark's breath was invisible in the warm morning wind, and floated out of the stable. All you could hear was the jets of milk crashing against the tin. The bucket soon filled and the two men tramped back to the house. The day past by, like a normal day, but much more tense. Jay trembled as he walked over to the dinner table. Potatoes and pulled pork, Jay's favorite. The boy grinned at his dad as he gave himself a plump serving. The sauce trickled down his cheek but was caught by a grimy napkin. The hours past so fast, it was already 8:30. Jay hugged his dad and creeped upstairs to his bedroom. He crawled into the soft mattress and looked out his window into Camrose. The grass swayed in the breeze and glinted underneath the moon, Jay let his head fall back, and dozed off into a dream, which he did not remember.

Today was a very special day for both Jay and his dad. They would be going to the city in his dads old Volkswagen. The piece of junk was rarely ever used. It farmed rust all over its surface and was very noisy. Jay was positive that it would be a reasonably bumpy ride. If that car broke down on Jay while on his way, It would be hopeless on getting there on schedule: noon. Jay got out of bed and wobbled down the creaky stairs, toward his father, who looked much more awake. Jake remembered that he would have to leave immediately. He gave his dad a goodbye hug and thanked him for the Volkswagen. It was a short goodbye, but it had to be. Jay walked outside with his dad and Mark helped Jay up into the Volkswagen and mouthed \"So long son.\" And Jay gave a nod and peered off into the dusty road, away from his home, and from his only parent.

Mark was the one who taught Jay how to drive a vehicle. Jay hadn't driven in at least a month since then. He started up the engine and looked back one more time at his dad before he drove into the distance. A couple kilometers later, Jay thought about the city life and what it would be like, Mark says it has lots of tall buildings and lights and noises. It sounded really exiting to Jay but he wasn't too sure that he would be used to it or fit on comfortably. He would stay in the school overnight in this this room full of other boys he didn't even know. The sun was starting to heat up the old cars leather seat. It has been half an hour since Jay started his trip. It was about half way done and the poor little boy is almost sleeping. Jay wished that school didn't exist. It dose help lives in certain ways but also tears families apart. But parents can teach you! That's how Jay's dad was taught by Marks dad. But school is weird to Jay because his dad told him that they teach you things that you'll never use like doing things with numbers. Jay and his dads car made a good team all the way so far. Jay pulled the car into the city, he looked all around in amazement at the city surrounding him.

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