The Happy Fun Alphabet Song!

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This is the happy fun alphabet song!

Submitted: August 05, 2012

A A A | A A A

Submitted: August 05, 2012



A- is for alligator, 

B- is for ball, 

C- is for carpet, 

And D is for doll. 

Everybody sing with me, 

Join and you'll have FUN. 

Everybody laugh with me, 

Till this song is DONE! 

E- is for everyone, 

F- is for fun, 

G- is for goose, 

And H is for hum, 

If ya don't want to sing, 

Then go run along. 

But if you CAN'T sing, 

Then HUM this song! 

I- is for iguana, 

J- is for jump, 

K- is for kangaroo, 

And L is for lump, 

I hope you're having fun, 

Singing this song. 

I really like, 

Singing this song. 

M- is for magic, 

N- is for naughty, 

O- is for octopus, 

And P is for pun, 

Isn't this great, 

Just singing this song. 

We're all having fun, 

Singing this song. 

Q- is for quilt, 

R- is for racing, 

S- is for snake, 

and T is for tape, 

Let's get louder, 

Only cause we're great. 

Let's get louder, 

Before it is too late! 

U- is for unicorn, 

V- is for vault, 

W- is for whale, 

And X is for x-ray, 

This song is almost done, 

We gotta have some fun. 

Now for our favorites, 

Y and Z! 

Y- is for yodel, 

Z- is for zip, 

That's it kids, 

Now go run along. 

While I'm making, 

Another fun song! 

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