Like A Vacant Motel

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Found this on my computer from over two years ago. After the end of my first real relationship.

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



it seems the only thing that keeps me anchored here
is the thought that maybe you'll be coming back
i'm not ready to let go of that hope
things have been changing way too fast for me to handle
loving you is all that remains the same
but as much as i don't want to let that go
as consumed as i am with the past
and as tightly as i hold on to the memories we've made
and the way things were
i don't want to be trapped here thinking the same thoughts
feeling the same way forever
i have to let go of this place sometime
sometime soon
even if i'm not ready to
it scares me to think of what's on the other side of the wall i've put up
what can cross through if i break it down
i didn't build it very well
things i try to keep inside seep out time from time
i'm surprised it hasn't just sort of fallen down
in some way, i want it to because it would be so much easier
than doing it myself
for things to just go away , thoughts of you to just disappear
then again , i think i'd be even more miserable without them
it may not have lasted like we wanted in the beginning
but in the end, it was something so amazing and irreplaceable and unforgettable
it's really selfish that i don't just appreciate what was
instead i complain about what isn't now
truth be told , you were the best that i ever had
and probably will ever have
truth also be told , i've never stopped thinking you could say the same
so regardless of whether or not you come back
or whether or not we end up being together again
you'll always be a part of my heart and soul
there's always that space for you in my heart
like a vacant motel
and only you have the room key
nothing will leave or enter until you open it up again
if somewhere down the road , you're meant to stumble upon it
and check in
then so be it
whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly

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