Where I've Been! Sorry, guys! :(

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Just an update on me! Haven't been on Booksie in a very long time, and I feel I should tell you guys why. :)

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



Hello Booksie world ! 

For the last little while, I haven't been on Booksie. A lot has been going on in my life, and I didn't have time, or access to internet, for a good while. I was kicked out of my parent's house in early September, after a good month of arguments with them. I stayed with a distant school friend and her boyfriend in their apartment, two very lovely people who are now my housemates. I was hired with two jobs, and making lots of money, as well as going to school part time for finishing a credit to graduate grade 12. So my schedule didn't allow me much free time. Any free time I did have, was spent working out finances, and finding a place to rent that I could afford. I couldn't find one at all. In late September, my two friends whom I was staying with found a lovely top floor, tri-plex apartment with three bedrooms for a very low, all-inclusive price. Like a dream come true, we viewed the apartment, signed the lease, and recieved the keys within 24 hours. So, for the last two weeks or so, we've been settling in. Just got internet hooked up, so I should be back up and running on Booksie! I'm sorry to any readers! I'm sure I've lost your attention by now. :'( But I will try to gain it back! 

Much love, 

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