Religious Rant

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Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Submitted: May 15, 2013




I think it's rather backwards for many Christians and Catholics to disapprove of, what in the end, is love for another human being. Love for another of His creations; of God's children.

If anything is the work of an evil-spirited higher being or power, ie. Satan, it is the hatred, unacceptance, bigotry, and outright ignorance that many religious groups and persons (Westboro Baptist Church, for example) inflict on their fellow man and womankind. Falsely lead patrons living in backwards beliefs, thinking it the word of God, when in reality it is the influence of evil. It is unlikely that God, were he existent, would praise hatred and disdain for homosexuality, among many other ideals that some of his followers preach.

However, many of these orgniaztions or individuals credit their obscure morality to the Bible. Was the bible not written by man? A series of fairytales and stories created to provide a sense of spirituality, security and to serve as a crutch to lean on in times of weakness. A guideline to a very basic, very primal religious ideology. Were God, or a higher power, to exist, this scripture would have no ties to him or her whatsoever aside from the fact that it was written in "honour" of their names.

Religion has always been a method of power and control. In times of Rennaisance, namely in Spain, Italy, and Rome, the Church controlled the majority of wealth and in most cases held more control over the populus than leaders themselves. Catholicism and Christianity soon became chess pieces in the Church's game of power; a technique used to extort money from it's followers for petty indulgences; "repentence" or "cleansing" of a persons sins. These are corruptions that follow in to today's faiths. These corruptions are what caused Reformation - something that could really be used nowadays.

It is time to evolve. Just as God and Jesus Christ would have; seeing as some Christians believe them to still linger among us as non-physical entities after their supposed deaths. How else other than evolving from their human forms? Many who follow under the Christian faith frown upon the theory of evolution; oblivious to just how key to the realisticness of their beliefs that theory is.

The day that the world can band together, free of all segregating constitutions and institutions, we can redirect our hatred and our protest to the matters that truly do need to be addressed and diminished to mesh beautifully as a society. Including war, religious corruption, government rule, financial and statistical inequality, free education, human and animal rights, and abuse of power.

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Religious Rant Religious Rant

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