Merry Little Tune

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Who will bring back that Merry Little Tune?

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




Whistle that tune once more, Kind Sir,

As this merry tune sweeps my ears I know not of what the words are,

A merry tune holds not word but a hook like no other, waiting for an ear to lie upon,

Don’t whistle you life away my Grand Mama would say,

But what a day today would be if troubles could be whistled away,

No silence corner of the earth would be UN touched,

The arms of that one merry tune would fill the air in a crescendo of voices,

One could skip down a street, alive and dandily once more,


But the merry tune is changing to a sombre sound of pure greed and hatred,

I may speak of the old but the new has come in a rush and tripped us from behind,

Beware the song is change, and not for the better,

Who will bring back the merry little tune?....

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