I am hurting for the moon

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Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



am hurting for the moon

For it is a Slave to the darkness 

It is only allowed to be seen partially 

Some nights more than others 

The moon is afraid of the dark 

The moon does not understand that it is the only light the darkness has. 

On special nights the moon gains enough confidence to show itself entirely.

When night isn’t watching 

But somehow it always gets caught and it is back to being only a piece of what it really is

I want to save the moon

I’ve been where it is 

I still am

Only being a crescent of who I really am

I’ve given in to the night 

Just as the moon has

But when the moon is full

The stars show themselves 

They gain enough confidence to all escape the darkness

But is only for a moment 

The night is too powerful 

You can still see the darkness through every constellation 

It is always there watching 


Ready to take them back deep into the shadows.

If the moon can’t ever escape how will I ,

It is much bigger than me


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