The Shot Down Song

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Stan is a guy with no family. They were murdered when he was at a young age. Now he's just started college. In the past he was bullied at school and a loner, but this seemed worse. He always had one dream, to sing in front of an audience. His first of many friends may help him with that.

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



The Shot Down Song

By, Raf

His eyes shot open as he sat up in bed running his fingers through his hair. He gasped and looked over at his alarm clock that read 2:16 A.M... He hated nights like this. He was only three when he saw his own parents get shot by the enemies. They fought in the war, his parents. One night his home was invaded by the enemies and his parents fought for him and got shot down. Since then he's been alone. He laid back down and shut his eyes, stuffing his face into the pillow. It was getting bad again. The image engraved in his mind. That terrible night when he was three. The lights flashed on as a figure stood in the doorway of the room. Voices cam from the outside as one laughed, "Nice party. Talk to you guys tomorrow alright?" The voice walked into the room and shut the door behind himself. He laughed to himself and walked to the kitchen area propping the fridge door open.

"I'm trying to get some sleep, Alec." He grumbled sitting up in the bed.

"Oh shut up, Stan. Just because you don't go to parties doesn't mean you gotta get pissy about it." Alec chuckled closing the fridge and hopping over to the bed beside Stan. He sat down on the bed and coughed, "Even if you went to parties you wouldn't enjoy it considering you have no friends."

He rolled his eyes and pulled the covers over his head, Stan honestly hated his roommate. All he ever did was remind Stan of what his life is. Shit. "I don't like those. Will you shut up and let me sleep now?" Stan asked.

He scoffed, "Whatever Dead Boy."

Stans eyes widened and his face turned red with anger, "Don't call me that. I told you not to do that."

He smiled as he got under his own covers and turned out the light, "Freedom of Speech, Bitch."

And that's what he had to deal with everyday. Somehow, everyone knew who Stan was. But it wasn't a good thing. They knew  about his past and who he was at the college. They'd make fun of him for it. Beat him up and tell him to go the same way his parents did, except instead of an enemy, it would be himself. But as Stan fell asleep this time he had a dream of something he always wanted to do. Perform a song on the stage in front of an audience. He always tried out for that stuff yet he always got laughed away. Yet it's always something he wanted to do.

This is the story of how he got that wish.

And it's a short story.

It was a nice sunny day in the city of Weltside. Stan recently got out of class and saw a sign for a Talent Show. Normally he would think colleges don't do Talent Shows but it looks like this one did. He smiled and approached the faded poster sheet paper and got the details for auditions. More information was going to be given at the theater today and auditions were tomorrow. He quickly rushed to the theater where people were already gathering and talking. This was the worst part. Everyone was together and talking while he would stand alone. People such as Alec were there. They looked over at Stan every once and a while and laughed quietly. The teacher walked up on stage as they all sat down and looked up at him. He announced, "This years Talent Show is going to be more strict than the others. So just a heads up that if you know you suck at whatever you can do, just don't even try out."

Some student began to snicker to themselves and point at Stan as one coughed, "You mean Stan?"

The students in the theater began to laugh to themselves as the teacher tried to quiet them down. "What's wrong if he think he has enough talent to do the show?" A voice asked everyone else. The person, a boy with spiked up blond hair stood up and looked around for answers.

"Well he doesn't have talent." Alec commented somewhere in the seats.

"You don't know that. He could be the next big thing if he wanted to. He could be extremely talented." The boy replied.

"Alright, Alright quiet down. Auditions are tomorrow. You may find out then. You're dismissed. Goodbye." The teacher announced walking off stage as the students stood up and returned to their groups. Stan frowned and walked out of the theater, the boy following behind. "Hey you alright?" He asked trying to catch up to Stan.

He nodded, "Yeah. I'm used to it."

"You shouldn't be. I'm Kennedy by the way." He introduced holding out his hand.

Stan shook his hand and smiled, "Stan."

"You're the kid that lost his parents and family in the war right?"

Stan bit his lip, "Yeah. That's me."

"I'm sorry about that... must be hard." He replied putting a hand on his shoulder. 

Stan shrugged and began to walk, "It's fine. I'm used to it all."

Kennedy looked down at his shoes and followed along. He wanted to get off the subject. Get to know Stan considering it looks like he has no one. "So why you trying for Talent Show?"

"Always been my dream to sing in front of an audience. I've wanted it to happen for so long. I won't die happy until I do it." Stan replied.

"Then I'll help you. How about we duet? I'll get you up on that stage." Kennedy offered.

It was funny to Stan because he barely knew Kennedy yet he was being so nice to him. Offering to sing with him and all. "Of course." Stan smiled. They continued to walk with each other discussing songs and what they do and don't like until they arrived at the dorms,  Kennedy joining Stan upstairs to his dorm so they can plan on the Talent Show. He twisted the key into the door and walked in to a smoky room. Alec and his three friends sitting on the beds laughing and smoking cigarettes.  

"Woah Stans got a boyfriend." Alec joked lighting another cigar.

Stan eyed him and grumbled, "Can you guys keep it down now? We're planning for the Talent Show."

"Are you finally going to have someone shoot you for us? So sweet." Alec chuckled.

Kennedy was furious. No one should ever say that, especially to someone who has lost their parents to a gun. "What if he actually had someone do that for him? How would you feel? It would be your fault technically. You would've motivated him to die."
Alec's friends were dead silent. Alec shrugged and held the cigarette between his fingers and sighed, "Couldn't care less."

He grinded his teeth, "Stan I think my roommates a bit more nice. Let's go to my dorm instead." He grabbed Stan by the arm and walked out the the room and up to the other dorm to plan for the talent show. They were up until easily 5 in the morning planning the whole thing and picking the right song, soon enough auditions came up, and soon after that the sheet was put up for who made it. Students were crowded around the billboard in front of the Theater checking for their names. Stan and Kennedy ran over to the billboard and looked through the list of names.

Stans eyes glanced over the paper as he stated, "Alec didn't make it. He's not on here."

Kennedy smiled and put his finger on the sheet of paper, "But we did." They laughed and hugged each other in celebration, Alec quickly came pushing through holding a bottle of alcohol to look at the sheet.

"What the fuck?!" He shouted throwing the bottle to the ground, causing it to smash. "How the hell did Dead Boy make it and I didn't?" He screamed and trudged off angrily. Stan looked over at Kennedy in excitement for what's to come. For the next few weeks all Stan and Kennedy did was practice. They grew closer and and more friendly and got better at their act. Alec became more bitter and would spit at them while they practiced. Occasionally he would comment with the usual "Dead Boy" or "Go like your parents did" comment. Eventually a dress rehearsal had come the night before the performance. Stan and Kennedy stood in the Drama room waiting for their turn.

"I'm almost there Kennedy. This is almost my dream. I'm singing in front of people tonight and tomorrow I'll do it for the whole audience. Thank you. Thank you." Stan said with joy in his voice.

Kennedy was glad to hear him like this, he seemed so happy about it. He hugged Stan and laughed knowing they'd do great. He looked around the room to see many people who want to see the previews including Alec. "Kennedy and Stan you're up." The teacher told them.

They took a deep breath in as they went up and did their duet. The others were star struck and gave them a standing ovation. Alec rolled his eyes and his face turned red as he left the classroom. Stan listened to the many comments being made.

"Wow better than I expected."

"Telling all my friends to see this now."

"Beautiful voices!"

"Can't wait to see them at their full potential tomorrow."

Kennedy turned to Stan, "We'll do great tomorrow. You'll get your dream." They stepped off and eventually the dress rehearsal ended as they all went back to their dorms for sleep. Stan unlocked the door and limped in, he was so tired. He could barely think. He looked over at Alec who jumped when he walked in and hid something.

"Watcha got there?" Stan asked.

"None of your fucking business dead boy." Alec replied getting under his covers and going to sleep. Stan shrugged and did the same in his own bed and fell asleep, dreaming of how great tomorrow will be. Soon the performance came. Kennedy and Stan stood backstage waiting for their names to be called. Kennedy fixed Stans bow tie and looked at him. "We'll be great." 

Stan hugged him and mumbled, "I know... thank you so much. Thank you for helping me get my dream." The audience began to clap as the other performers finished up. Someone hand signaled them that it was time. The two walked on stage. The crowed was huge. So many people actually wanting to see them perform. 

Kennedy looked at him and murmured, "Good luck."

Stan nodded and looked around once again. So many people, and among them was Alec. He looked grave and there was a look in his eye. An evil look. The music began to play. Stan brushed his brown hair out of his face. He walked up to the microphone and began to sing, "What's the point-"

Alec stood up from his seat, he was shaking and shouted, "HEY DEAD BOY. YOU STOLE MY PLACE. YOU STOLE EVERYTHING. AND I TOLD YOU THAT YOU'LL END UP LIKE YOUR PARENTS. AND TONIGHT.... TONIGHT YOU WILL." He pulled a hand gun out of the inside of his coat. He aimed it at Stan and pulled the trigger, hitting Stan in the chest. Pain shot through his body. It was harder to breathe. Alec was laughing as the audience panicked and guards took him away. Stan fell to the ground, Kennedy catching him.

"Oh god... you're going to be okay." Kennedy said grabbing onto his friend.

"We... we need to keep going." Stan gasped.

"We need to get you help." Kennedy choked.

Stan shook his head, "Finish singing... then... then my dream will be done. I'll die happy."

Kennedy grabbed onto the fallen microphone and held Stan in his lap, he began to sob, "You're not going to die."

"I'm sorry." Stan cried. So this is what death felt like. It became more relaxing. The pain still shooting through him but, he felt relaxed. He felt tired and dizzy. He could see the images of his parents in his head. "Finish singing." 

Kennedy looked down at him and wiped the tears off of his face. He placed a hand on the wound, blood seeping through Stan's shirt. He held him closer, hugging him tight as he held up the microphone and began to sing the song. Stan could barely do it, yet he still tried. The audience stopped panicking and silenced, looking back at the stage. They held each other close, listening to Stan's last song. None of them sat. They continued to stand for him. The song came close to an end, police sirens were heard in the distance. The audience crying and smiling at the beautiful sound of song. The song ended. The audience began to clap and whistle. The cops running into the room along with medical help.  Kennedy began to cry harder hugging Stan's body. "I can't lose you." He sobbed.

Stan managed to move his arms and hold onto Kennedy. "You did it... you're my best friend and you did it. I'm... I'm going to be with them. And I'll be happy. I am happy.... I got my dream." Stan coughed as he let out one last breath and laid limp in Kennedy's arms. 

"No... no no no this. It can't. Please." Kennedy shouted grabbing onto Stan. Screaming and crying, trying to stop the rest of the blood from flowing. Trying to bring Stan back. The cops ran up on stage and pulled Kennedy away from Stan's body. He was still screaming. He didn't want to be separated from his best friend. 

That was it.

That was The Shot Down Song.

The End.


© Copyright 2019 Raf . All rights reserved.

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