Chapter 3 and 4 of University years

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the next two chapters of University years (the first two can be read in university years)

Submitted: July 28, 2008

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Submitted: July 28, 2008



Chapter 3 – The lecture
Waking up this morning I realised that it hadn’t been the best start to the year, first we were almost late on our first day because we didn’t know how to get to class, then yesterday we got lost in the forest and ended up missing all of yesterday’s classes and now today we have to go and talk to head of our year Mr Nakamura. So throwing on any clothes I could find I went to meet Ukiyo so that we could get this over and done with.
“So how did you sleep last night” I asked him, “I didn’t” he said “what about you”? 
“I got some but very little” I said just before yawning. We were to go straight to Mr Nakamura’s office as soon as we had awoken so we made our way there and arrived at his office within five minutes. Knocking the door we were told to enter, as we entered I saw that Mr Nakamura looked nothing like I had imagined him to look, when I first heard his name I thought that he would be old and rather ugly but the man I saw before was quite young and handsome. “Have a seat you two” he said in a deep almost sexual tone, taking our seats he asked us “so what where the two of you up too yesterday and why didn’t you attend any of your classes”? After we had explained to him what had happened he said “well that is very unfortunate but since you didn’t miss you classes on purpose and it is you first offence all that you need to do is catch up in the work that you missed yesterday and you can do all of it in your own free time”, standing up to shake his hand I was so relieved that we weren’t in trouble “thank you very much sir”, “don’t worry about” he said “now away you go and get caught up on you work”.
Later on we were in the canteen telling Shugo all about our lucky escape (lucky for me Rena wasn’t feeling too well so she couldn’t come to the canteen today) and how lucky we were not to have been punished. After telling Shugo about what happened Ukiyo turned to me and said “I’ll be back in a minute I gotta run to the bathroom”, after he had left Shugo turned to me and said “I’m glad that you didn’t get into trouble” and at that point he took hold of my hand.
Pulling my hand away from him I said “Shugo what are you doing”? Looking straight at me he said “ I know that I’ve only known you for a little while but I really like you and I want you too be my girlfriend”, taken back by what he had just said I said “ that’s sweet, I like you too but I’m with Ukiyo and I’m in love with him so I’m sorry”. Dropping his head for a few seconds he looked up at me with a smile on his face and said “your absolutely right I’m sorry for saying those things” “you know what to make up for it why don’t I make us all a picnic and we can go to the little stream in the woods and have it there”. Smiling at him I said “yeah that sounds great”, getting up from the table he said “well I’ll go and get everything ready so I’ll see you tomorrow”.
As he left I was still shocked at what he had said to me but I was glad that he took what I had to say to him so well. Whoa this has been a hell of a start to my first year of uni but at least I had the picnic to look forward to tomorrow.
Chapter 4 - ????
I woke with a huge smile on my face because I was so excited about the picnic, I hadn’t been on a picnic in almost a year infect next week will mark the anniversary of Ukiyo and my first year together but I had plenty of time to think of that later today was picnic day. So throwing on a pair of tight jeans and a colourful t-shirt I made my way to Ukiyo’s room to wake him but he was already awake and ready when I got there, “hey beautiful you ready to go” he said with a smile on his face “you bet I am” I said “but lets not be late this time”.
So meeting Shugo at the back of the Uni we made our way into the forest “so what’s in the basket”? I asked him “smiling at me he said “that’s a surprise but don’t worry I’m sure you’ll love it”. After about ten minutes of walking we could hear the stream which meant we were close “come on you two lets go” I said “you go on ahead I have to tie my shoes” said Shugo, but just as soon as I turned away from him I heard a loud thud and when I turned back too see what had happened I saw Ukiyo lying face down on the ground and Shugo standing over him holding a huge branch in his hands and an even bigger smile on his face. “oh my god why did you hit him” I shouted looking straight at me he said in a deep dark voice “I meant everything I said yesterday “ I want you too be my girlfriend and I will do what ever it takes to make that happen even if it means killing Ukiyo”. “Never” I shouted “I will never be you girlfriend” “your sick and you need help”, laughing at me he then said in a raspy tone “fine if I can’t have you then no one will” he opened the basket he had with him and took out a knife, I tried to run from him but he was just too fast for me, when he caught me he took the knife and dove it deep into my chest then pushing me to the ground he said “ now lie there and bleed to death like a good little girl” as he turned to walk away from me my sight began to fade and fade until all I could see was darkness.

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