Our Land Is One

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A poem about unity and the brotherhood of all lands.

Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007



Our Land Is One

By Hefmok, a poet from The World of Eath created by Rafael Lopez.

The far of Eath
The close land I see
The air through my teeth
The wind beyond thee

Your home on Eath
Far away it seems
Yonder lands above or beneath
Outlasting the distance of all streams

Yet no place is alone
For everywhere
Once upon a time the sun shone
To make all land fair

No land forsaken
No person solitary
That would be quite mistaken
As no book is alone in a library

Land doth not pause for sea
Nor does it break for borders
'Tis heedless of the boundaries set by you or me
And never is restricted by anyone's orders

It marches neath the waves
It carries the borders above
It is where we rest our graves
The final bed of everyone we love

We claim it separated and far
Yet from your home and mine
We gaze toward the same star
We feel the same sunshine

There are no faraway lands
For land afar and nigh
No matter how long the mile spans
Is part of the one home of you and I

Thus you who read these lines
Thou art my neighbor
We look as the same Moon shines
We look as the same stars soar

You live in the same land as I
A world that is large and perhaps misguided
For humans hither and thither be
But our land is one and undivided

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