Out of nowhere 1.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: The Horror House
Post apocalyptic short story I wrote in a form of diary. First character is Robert and this is his first entry.

Submitted: April 07, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



Out of Nowhere




I haven t seen anyone in almost a week.Not anybody who is alive, anyway. Today I was jumped by three „deados“. I handled them pretty well, I have to say.I gained a lot of skill during this 6 months. True axe-man, I guess. But I don t think dead guys are the biggest problem. I dont know how all of this happened, and what the fuck happened. I could live with this dead fucks. They are no threat. But I cant find any damn water. When the heat strikes, and it will strike, it will not be easy. I still have couple of gallons left. I haven t showered in two weeks. Why? Because the last time I went to the river that was two miles away, I ran into a shitload of dead guys. There were at least 20 of em. And of top of that, back at my shed I caught two guys trying to rob me. So I killed them. Hmm. Killing. How easy it became to take a life. Dead one.Live one.  Doesn t matter. I could kill 10 people, and sleep like a baby. Fascinating. From an office guy who wore a white shirt every day of the week...I became a guerrila son-of-a-bitch with an axe and a revolver, who kills to survive. A fuckin Rambo. What is next? How long will this last? So, will I forever wander around the town looking for food and water? Or will something happen? New World Order? Or something. I don t know the situation in the rest of the world. I know that in my  town, most of the people were dead inside of a week. Now they wander around and make noises. I m not sure how they work. I think they eat people that are not infected. Or at least bite them? I m not sure. I have to go to sleep. I am tired. And soon, I ll have to go look for food. I have 5 more cans of beans. That s for at least two days. And, oh yeah, some dry beef jerky. So, three days.

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