The Nightmare horror..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
She shouldnt have given her a lift..that made her go insane..

Submitted: March 30, 2014

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Submitted: March 30, 2014









It was a cold Chilly night..the street lights gave the only fraction of visibility..but something was different on that night, just a feeling..just then a girl, her face as fresh as the morning sun..with a mark of modesty was riding her bike..going home.

Immersed in her own thoughts..a dream world..

Suddenly out of nowhere a women emerged..she was pale..soo very pale..with a peculiar odor to was so sudden that the girl almost collided with her..the girl apologised and thought she had hit the lady, to her relief..she hadn’t..

The women asked the girl could she drop her to a nearby cemetery..the girl obliged.. “Are you seated?” Asked the girl..yes the women said..just as the dialogue was taking place a man was watching from his balcony that the girl was talking to herself..which he found weird…he decided to follow her..

Ria,the girl had a sudden sinking feeling inside of her as the women sat behind her..

as if something was falling. A sadness..

She felt that all the joy around her had suddenly disappeared..

Brushing off that feeling aside she kept on driving..

The tension was evident to her..just to have a conversation for the sake of the journey she asked the women, "So, you live close by?"

The women didnt reply at first..and then just said in a cold voice..”Yes..”

So much for the conversation, Ria thought to herself..a few minutes passed and

 Suddenly she heard a terrifying scream..she came to a halt

Only to notice the same women standing a few feet away from her, wearing a heart her a quirky smile..asking

"Can you give me a lift to the cemetary..?"

A chilling sensation ran down Ria's spine..

Her brain could not comprehend what had just happened..

Her whole body had become stiff. She could not move even an inch..

The fear could be seen in her eyes..

Every single muscle in her body struggled against her fear..her heart racing..

RUN..RUN..RUNNNN...she kept telling herself..

She felt a sick feeling in her stomach..

The woman was wearing the exact same cloths having the persistent odor..that smell. That sickening smell..

She came close and without asking sat behind Ria..and whispered in Ria's ears"Lets go...its getting late isnt it.." It was 11:39pm

Ria had no option but to obey..what had she gotten herself into she thought to herself..

She had always been a non-believer..

When anyone use to utter the word "ghost" or "spirit"...she was usually the first one to mercilessly shoot them down with her piercing words of disgust and anger at the lack of logic..

But today she felt verry different..

When she finally reached the cemetery after about half hour..she just stopped and stood there..hoping this would just end and she could go home..

A street dog nearby started barking frantically in her direction..fear in his eyes..

As if he could sense something amiss. That was the clue for the already terrified Ria..she didnt want to look back..but her curiosity got the better of her, she turned back just to notice that the women was crawling backwards on all four..round and round in circles on the road..screaming and hissing and cursing..twisting and turning her  head..

Riai's heart missed a beat, she was sweating on a cold winter night..her cloths were wet with sweat..With all the air in her lungs she screamed and ran from there..

She managed to reach her home which was another half hour's drive from there without any other incident..Thought she still kept looking in her rear-view mirror hoping not to see anyone..she didnt..But she didnt notice that man following her..

She couldnt sleep that night..It was not like she could sleep at night at all..

That nightmare never let her matter how hard she tried..therapies..shrinks..doctors..

everything was tried and done..but in vain..

And to top that up, today's incident..

What had she done wrong to anyone in her life? she thought to herself..she didnt deserve this..

No one did..

She had lost her parents to a car crash and everyone had related her nightmare to that trauma..her mind creating a memory..a good or a bad one to escape the reality..some created a dream, some created a nightmare..

She lived with her friend..Priya. They were like sisters..

Every night..she felt she was being watched..hearing noises..screams..and the falling sensation..

She could get a nap maybe, If she was lucky...But no matter what..she always woke up at 3am...every night..

with her heart beating faster, sweating heavily..

Her roomate had grown accustomed to this tendency of it had become a routine for them..

The next morning was routine, she went to college and came back..


A month had passed since that fateful night and but she still couldn’t forget it..It was fresh in her mind like it had happened yesterday..

She didnt mention it to one would believe her anyways, obviously

That evening she came home was around 6pm..a pleasant evening. She decided to give herself a break and go for a movie with Priya..

"I would be late".. read the note on the fridge..signed Priya

There goes the plan she said to herself..

She was attracted to Priya..far more than just a friend..and Priya knew this..

Considering their situation they both had agreed to keep it a secret..after all it was a "taboo" in the society..

Priya felt the same way..and being the only two living in the flat gave them a level of privacy which they both greatly enjoyed and cherished..

Priya was a 22yr old girl..fair and what some would say the reflection of god's grace..

At 5'8 she was fairly tall and had a petite figure..Someone who could get anyone to do anything for her if she wanted to..

But most of the time she maintained her "good-girl" image..But once a while when she did want to get naughty..all hell would break loose

A few missed calls from her past boyfriends wasnt unusual for her..

Ria remembered the day they had met..In college. It was like an instant connection..

At 5'6 Ria was no less a hourglass figure and deep blue eyes could mesmerise anyone..

She was a year older to Priya..

Ria took off her baby pink top..admiring her curvy body in front of her mirror..

Her assets demanding immediate attention..blessed as she was by god,atleast in that area..

Her long brown hair falling almost perfectly on her shoulder..a face that would even embarrass  an angel..

Wearing only a skirt, she decided to go for a bath before retiring in her bed with some coffee and a good book..

After taking her cloths off and dipping herself in the hot tub..she felt her tensions melting away..

Just as she felt relaxed, a loud shattering noise startled her..

Then another..then another..

panic gripped her...she leaped out of the tub dripping wet and wrapping a towel around her petite figure she cautiously came out of the bathroom..

She thought she heard moaning..some women crying..

To her horror..a women was standing in the hall..with her back to Ria..

She turned around..and her worst fears came true..she recognised was the same women..

She had a knife in her hand and she was cutting HERSELF into pieces..blood was everywhere on the floor..

dripping from her whole body..

Parts of her body were lying on the was a horrific sight..

She kept on screaming and cutting herself off..limb by limb..

Ria ran out of the house yelling in shear fear..and bumped into someone and fell hard on the floor..

She was in a state of shock..not able to comprehend what was happening to her..

The man was trying to calm her down but all in vain..

He took out a syringe out of his pocket and with the precision of an experienced hand..injected a certain something in Ria's neck..

The effect was immediate and Ria felt numb instantly..

Falling into a deep sleep..the last thing she saw was the mans's grim face..expressionless..

She she finally woke up..she had no clue what time of the day it was..or what day it was rather..

She was on a bed..wearing a blue top and jeans...

It looked like a hotel room..Her head was aching badly..slowly she was beginning to remember what had happened..

Even before she could get herself together, and think of a plan as what to do next, the door opened and the man entered..

Same as before he showed no surprise of concern..he was unperturbed..

Now in the dim light passing through the closed window curtains, she could see him properly. For the first time..

It also gave her an idea as to what time it seemed to be early morning or late evening..she wasnt sure..

He was a well built man, who looked like he could use a shave..

Showed a kind of comfort in the environment, as if he was used to this kind of life..

He was an attractive man, that was evident..even with his jeans and a loose shirt and a shabby looking jacket to top it up..

Ria spoke for the first time, confused: Where am I? Who are you? How long have I been out?  How did I get in these cloths?

He looked at her amusingly and spoke in a weird accent.."One question at a time Ria..You are safe..I am a friend and you have been out for two days..had to put you out, you were in a panic mode and you needed to rest..and for your last question, I think you already know the answer to that.."

She seemed sceptic and unconvinced by the answer, and he could see it but he didnt put much effort in any kind of convincing..

He spoke again.."I know the last few days have been umm..difficult"

Her body went stiff again..she knew what he was talking about..

"I can help" He said..

The women..who you seem to encounter time and again is a spirit of my wife..she has been dead for he past 15yrs..

We had a great life together but one day when we were comming back from a movie..we had an accident and she died instantly..

I survived..been living a meaningless life eversince..

Quite recently I noticed about these incidents, about a woman asking for a lift to the nearby cemetary..from passer-bys

She has been burried in that cemetary..

We need to go to that place and burn her that her spirit is put to rest..She hasnt hurt anyone yet but  I do not wish to take that chance..

Ria was well composed now and had time to let everything sink in..

After taking a deep breath she got up and said ""

"OK.lets do it..I want to put an end to this episode..I can not take it any longer.."

 "Not now" said the man, we need to wait for midnight..we cannot risk people noticing us digging up a grave in the middle of the day..we will just get into trouble..

It was well past afternoon but she didnt argue..the waiting for midnight..

In the evening when he had gone out for a while, Ria noticed that he had forgotten his wallet on the table..

She immediately went over to inspect its contents, atleast she would get to know her saviour better..she didnt even know his name..

Inside she saw verry less money..just two movie tickets, 15 years old..and a photo..even as she looked at it she felt cold and frightened..that face was there …the woman..She looked so young..and nice..but she verry well knew that the women was anything but nice..

She also found a driving license, but before she could inspect any further the door opened and the wallet fell from her hand..She managed to read the name read..

Amar knew what his "captive" was up to..he just gave a slight smile, that made him look more attractive..

If you wanted to know my name you could just ask you know..he said

"Sorry, i didnt mean to invade you privacy" Ria said..

"Its almost 11, we should leave" said amar

They reached the cemetery by quarter after 11..It was quite..and dark. The last place to be at nights like these..

The memories of the last time she was here, sent chills down her spine..

They went inside and went to a grave which was in the farthest corner of the land..

It seemed to be older than 15yrs..Amar gave her a torch and told her to keep a lookout, just to make sure that they do not get caught..

As they removed more and more dirt, it was getting colder all around..

She noticed a figure in the distance..running towards it came close,her eyes widened with horror as she noticed it didnt have a head..running towards her on all four..backwards..

She almost had a panic attack again...she recognised her immediately..

Ria was screaming..frozen..her legs bound to the ground..unable to move

As the figure came dangerously close to her..she motice a burst of flames besides her..The bone had been set afire..

Then she looked around, to her surprise there was no one there..just amar..

She felt was over..


A week had passed and evrything was going well..her life..or whatever one could call it, was comming to its normal routine. But it seems that fate had some other plans for her

While arranging her cupboard one evening she noticed a locket..a heart locket..

It didnt belong to her..but she felt that she had seen it before..

Not putting too much thought into it, she threw it away and went out..

That night she slept off early..exacty 11:39pm she was sound asleep..but she woke up suddenly..having a feeling that there was someone in that room..

She didnt want to turn around..she could hear soft footsteps..comming closer and closer..

but she wouldnt turn around..she wouldnt she wouldnt..she told herself..

The sound suddenly stopped..she could hear her heart pounding...she was sweating again..

She knew there was someone or something standing behind to her...

Hearing those words.."its getting late..isnt it.."

froze her..feet went numb..her entire body started shaking voilently..

She was thrown off her bed and around the room like a rag doll..

Having sustained severe injuries to her arm and ribs..

and a  minor injury to her spine and a fractured leg..

She was rushed to a nearby hospital by Priya who came to the room to witness the horror just in time..

She too had no explanation to what she had seen..she couldnt see anyone else in the room..just Ria being tossed around the place..


It took 2 whole months for her to get better and to get back on her feet..

As she was getting discharged from the hospital, she glanced over a wall full of pictures...they looked personal photos..some singles and some with families..

Curious to know what they were she asked a nearby nurse..She told her that those were the patients they couldnt save over the years..

A particular picture caught her eyes and almost made her was a couple..she recognised them immediately..

She called the nurse and asked her to check on them..stating that she had met the guy a while ago..She was shocked by the reply..

They had been in an accident 15yrs ago, the woman had been pronounced dead on arrival and the guy gave way a few days later..


Ria couldnt believe what she had heard..Nothing made sense to her now..things had gone so blur that she couldnt even make out the difference between

fake and reality..


Under medication she felt tired that night..trying to get back into her room was imposible..She decided to sleep with Priya that night

At 11:39pm that night..the clocks stopped..putting her hands across Priya she was still sound asleep...

If only she could smell that odor..

that peculiar odor..

nd she opened her eyes..

"Could you take me to the nearest cemetary"..she heard..

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