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What's impossible

Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Submitted: October 14, 2017



To wake to be in love

That’s possible

Because hearts float to me

That’s probable


To wake to season’s change

That’s possible

Even though few admit

That that’s doable


To wake to find that

Which was not expected

Is possible

But seldom suspected


To change from that which will do

To an overflow

Is one of possibilities

But one will never know how that will go


But to challenge the whale

In the sea or dance with the sharks

Is impossible

Like seeing one’s way in the forest of the night in the dark


Or stand fast against the waves

As come crushing down turning

Every breath into gasps and eyeballs

Into playthings as one is discerning


What is possible and impossible

What people say and never do

Or what people do but never say

Which makes humans better of the two


Sometimes it is impossible to be in love

But love itself is not impossible

A change of season is always heard of

But never thought, till one’s in it, probable


Sometimes to be over the top

Is most times an impossibility

But some keep climbing to the top

Unhinged by signs of immobility


Long standing and facing odds

Are humans’ list of impossible

Yet it is the very force that drives them

To make the impossible possible

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