Look back, don't stare

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The changes that happen to people over the years.

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



One day in my youth

I remembered the truth

Somewhere down the line

I forgot what was mine

Sometime later I learned

There’s somewhere I turned

I stayed looking around

Hearing the fury of the sound

I started looking up

Then I couldn’t stop

I had a promise of gain

That I alone can sustain

I enjoyed envy

Labelled lucky

I found a version of love

Inserted my virgin love

I discovered women really moan

I got to call one my own

I saw a new head show

I carried it everywhere I go

I enjoyed envy

Labelled lucky

The head grew stronger

And I grew older

One day it loved me

One day it bumped me

It had me confused

I felt I won but was bound to lose

I still enjoyed envy

Less labelled lucky

Then it all came down

And I looked around

At the twin towers

All that lost power

I build and I build

But like I dig where I build

Gone was the envy

But by comparison lucky

Now I see new roses

Each of them supposes and proposes

And I chase their petals

Wishing I had their metals

Still the old mechanics

With some washed away antics

Some say same old dog

Some say new trick gone in his fog

Still I build in my ground zero

I intend to be comic book hero

I’ll learn to fly

Even if I don’t know why

Even if I don’t defeat evil

New issue will see my revival



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