The End of the day

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Different days end in different ways

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



The End of the day

Sigh! Yes, it was that way

I searched for someone to sway

To see things my way


I stared at the wall

The one that knew it all

It and I will not fall

Stuff of a strong soul


Yes, it was stolen

Yes, it was taken and broken

Yes, it is melted and molten

But there is breath in words written and heartspoken


I heard my words come out

I felt in them the dole of doubt

My mouth spoke and my heart shouts

Place me back where I ought


I saw the colors of the ice cream

I saw in them flavours of dreams

And some complained it wasn’t as it seems

That’s how dreams themselves redeem


I collected the remains of the day

And wrote this poem as collector’s pay

To those who share a thought, hey

I can hear what you say

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