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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
The cycle of the human male

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013




We elephants have trunks

Our bodies are large; our movements are slow

But when we charge, no one can see us coming

We can take on anyone and anything in our way

We elephants have trunks

They’re useless organs on our bodies

Annoying, snake-like things that can only twist to reach

And not very much at that

They’re located right between our tusks

Our tusks are sharp and show many that we mean business

So many love us for our tusks and not our trunks

Our trunks are between our eyes and that’s annoying

Because we can only see so little of it at one time

It tends to disappear from our scope of vision

It tends to go to sleep

When we were babies our parents were happy with them

When we grew up we became happy with them

We showed them off without knowing really what they were

Or what they were for

Then a female came along and something changed

Our trunks didn’t seem to belong to us

And the more we tried to control them

The more they seemed to belong to them

Some asked their parents who said “Don’t worry about it”

Other parents said “That happened to me when I was your age”

Most parents said “You wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for that”

So we said great news now we know what are trunks are for

So they’re ready to use anytime anywhere. Anyone?

Then we loved and hated our trunks

Most days they’re ours and of no use.

One day they’re not and still of no use

Makes us feel like chicken that hatched eggs before their time

Then one day the tribe gathered

And decided to create the trunk association

Because the females outnumbered the males

And though ready, there weren’t enough trunks to go around

So they decided to help us by making us

We were thrilled to finally find the female fit

But not all of them liked all the trunks

They first had to judge the tusks

So the shinier, the longer, the more pointed won the prize

That didn’t make the trunks any more useful than before

Anyway, I found one. Our pictures went on elephantbook

And honkhorn. Check us out.

Now that’s what trunks are for. OMG.

That is so so so good! When does it stop?

These trunks are really useful for something.

They do every trick. They even act like Pinocchio’s nose.

Well finally the days of a useless trunk are over.

But wait, now that I know what it’s for, why can’t I use it any more.

I have to stop! Let’s check the rules of elephants.

If female changes form, it is time to stop.

Then I remembered my parents “You wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for that”

Well, I am around and now you tell me to stop.

I looked around and saw why all these elephants

Are just walking around staring at their trunks

That’s it?! Just that one time around we make this discovery

Only to keep staring at it for the rest of our lives

Are there any younger females up for an offer?

They prefer them younger and freshly produced

Is there another female of the same age?

There will be a conflict with female you have

You means this one won’t use it and any other one can’t have it?

Are there any females who would have them at a price

Yeah but they’re shunned out of the tribe

The word is that they spread disease

So what do we do with them now?

We just keep them hanging around

It’s a funny thing how we celebrated

That we had them

Now in a twisted sort of fate we celebrate

That we still have them around

Like a dormant volcano

What would wake up the volcano

An earthquake?















© Copyright 2020 Ragy. All rights reserved.

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