My Grown Mind

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This poem is about self realization. growing up from childhood behaviour

Submitted: July 04, 2014

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Submitted: July 04, 2014



Finally, I put away the resentment in my heart
Past experiences holding me back to negativity
Unresolved issued of my troubled domestic that have taken me apart
I cleanse away the malice of my mind that has held me in captivity.

I shred away all the penned articles of provoked thoughts that have clothes me with regret
I bury the nightmares of insecurities that have woken me in the darkest of night eyes filled with tears

I speak these words in awareness that life is beautiful and I feel good
Yes what feels good to me is letting go of the torment I've put myself through

A great deal of lessons learned and I take those lessons with me to shape me
I embrace those lessons to make a better me
As I leave the baggage in the past
I focus on the present and even through sleet or snow
I will positively make the best of the now

Poetry is a skill I no longer possess
So it’s quite challenging to put these words down
But my speech is still the dress of my thought  
And I know no better way than to speak from the heart

It is in fact my grown mind
That has delivered me to the peaceful place I'm at.
I'm Charlene
and I'm grown

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