How do I know ?

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Questioning the Reality of Love

Submitted: June 29, 2012

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Submitted: June 29, 2012




How do I Know


How do I know the real side of you?

How would I know what you really feel?

What do I know about the decisions you made?

Would I ever know what is real?


How do I realize the truth of it all?

Must I accept what I know?

What do I do to find out the reality?

When you completely refuse to show


I feel hate, yet love at the same time

I feel pain yet reject as well

I feel you like him but you scared

He's been there a year, ring a bell?


All this is too much to process

My nerves are about to explode

What was once carved in stone, our love

Is now beginning to erode


It’s saddening, it’s a shock

How do you expect me to accept?

Any other guy would have moved on

And made you feel the reject


You told me you loved me, that I was different

And I knew I was one lucky guy

From the passion of love to the passion of pain

Again I ask God…….Why?


If these words of mines could mean something

I would stop writing and act

Because actions do speak louder than words

My changes upon us would impact


I lie awake at night, sleep is now my enemy

With my eyes wide open, and my brain wide shut

Memories and tears flow, like the moon stays awake

Like the sun rises, I do not, you loved me ….but?


I’m running out of knowledge

But my fingers refuse to stop typing

The gift from god, has now disappeared

Not even hell is frightening


So how do I know?

Would I ever know?

Would you ever show?

I hope so………

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