Division Z

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 13, 2019

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Submitted: February 13, 2019



Russian General karlov sat slapping his knee ,laughing at a Beetle Bailey

cartoon. The cartoon was in the Sunday New York times dated

July 17 1960 ."How true ,how true." He howled to himself. Never mind that the

newspaper was now three weeks out of date. It had been as

it were; on a slow boat to Russia. The Russian general was 5'8" tall and built like

a wrestler, with big powerful hands.He spoke and read

three languages ,fluently. The languages that he knew were German English, and

of course Russian. He sat in an office lined floor to ceiling

with 1/2 inch thick polished stainless steel plates held to a stone wall with 376

stainless steel rivets and cement .

  He knew the exact amount of

rivets that held the metal plates to the wall because he personally took a small

brass hammer and a small brass chisel and lightly tapped

each rivet in an x-pattern at the beginning of his day, every day. He did this

because after he was finished he knew the rivets in the wall

were in fact rivets and not some nefarious listening device planted there looking

like a stainless steel rivet. His desk, if you could call it

that, was a Spartan stainless steel table. It was a polished stainless steel slab

with a open weave stainless wire basket for legs, with no

screws just welds to hold it all together. Every day he placed a mirror on his

shoe and inspected the underneath side of his desk with his

mirror. The floor was solid cast concrete of the type used for nuclear bunkers.

A bare metal chair, the only other furniture in the room was thoroughly

examined as well. There were no windows or curtains in his office just a desk,

two chairs with  pillows , one book of the day, and

the daily newspaper.

There was one other thing. On the wall hung from a stainless steel bolt was a

Playboy calendar for the current year 1960. The current

month's model was of course a buxom lass.She was well endowed even by

Russian standards. The light knock on his door interrupted his

gaze. The knock he knew was his secretary, as not even the four armed guards

stationed twenty four hours a day seven days a week

with shoot to kill orders were allowed to knock unless it meant a life or death

situation." Enter"he said. A strikingly beautiful young blond

woman an inch or two taller than the general entered." Every bit as good"he said

glancing at the calendar." What was that?" Asked his

secretary." "I said you look lovely my dear"" General; you dog, you say that

every day and night."" But nonetheless true"he quipped along

with a wink. Her all business look softened to a smile." "I love you too

darling"she cooed." But the man sitting in the outer office has the

look of fright and worry which considering the fine cut of his cloth is not his

usual expression. "Ah! A customer! I must say, as chief fixer

and the head of Division Z, I will enjoy a little action." "I don't know, if you will

enjoy this action"spoke a thin gangly,middle-age man as

he strode quickly into the room." "You bastard,listening at my door!” cried the

General." What ! my guards didn’t shoot you !!!? You're off

on a bad foot! The interloper at the door said nothing ,staring at the back of the

pretty girls head. At this his secretary smiled and winked

,then turned, her smile dissolving as she turned to a unreadable all business

look. She walked swiftly from the room,closing the

door behind her. “ “Because good general I showed them this" On the official

letterhead of the High Command of the Russian army were the words “To be

delivered to General Karlov Division Z ” double-spaced ,floating in an ample

field of white .Underneath were half dozen or so signatures

ending with one singularly notable name Joseph Stalin."I see, the big boss

himself. "All is forgiven. I would ask you to sit but that chair

over there only fits one ass; mine.”At this the worry and fear drained from the

tall man's face and was replaced with a look of utter

exhaustion. He loosened his expensive French tie and slumped to the floor

against the metal wall next to General Karlov . He took an

expensive handkerchief from his coat pocket and mopped at his sweaty brow and

balding head." My name is""Thats quite all right" injected the

general. I know your name Dapier from memory, my mind has been working

and so given my

photographic recall  from my intelligence

reports that you must be chief scientist of

Special Projects Division. Also because no mention of purpose was stated on

your order of introduction, that all is not right in spooky land

where things come to play on our humble ball of mud. Am I right?" A look of

relief came over the head scientist of Special Projects

Division." I now know I'm in the right place"he sighed." Welcome to Division

Z".General Karlov extended a meaty hand for a warm

handshake." So what will it be? Advice on a pesky poltergeist? Or perhaps my

specialty, women."" General I appreciate your humor,

however we are all in danger from it and""Hold!" Injected the general"who is all,

and what is it?" "All"spoke to scientist"is the human race

and “it” is an unknown thing."" Well things can be killed Chief scientist Dapier

My personal friend General Vestiv over at Weapons Division

has some German nerve gas we have tweaked. Quite nasty stuff. A spoonful will

take out a large city." General I have little pride left,

you're not the first service branch we have sought out, you are the last." "Ah,I

see" Chimed  the general." You have invoked our Divison Z


--When All Else Fails Division Z Prevails !!! --"

" I hope so general, I hope so. Could I tear you away from your lovely office, to

show you a few thingsof great importance?""Ha Dapier ,I like you ,you see my

hectic life here but still you are all business. But two bodyguards come as well,

they can wait around your doors as they wait nonstop around mine" " As you

wish general.“ Dapier led the way out as the general

motioned to two of his guards to leave before him .He paused at the door to the

outside,turned and blew a kiss at his secretary and lover.

She smiled and chuckled under her breath.

  "It's obvious to me Daiper that we shall take my vehicle, your plain Russian

sedan leaves little comfort  for us. “Motioning for the entire

group to follow him to the rear of the compound, the general led them to a rear

parking area. As a

good host, the General opened the rear passenger side door of a fully restored

world war II German staff car. It was, of course emblazoned

with all the appropriate Soviet emblems, and this in its totality screamed "

hands off"to all the regular military. The General drove with Dapirs

direction through the deep Russian forest to a bunker like building and after a

few salutes and nods from the guards made their way to an

impromptu office set up in the corner of the totally open interior of the

reinforced bunker." Yes general this was an ammo bunker until it

was all moved to the front." "What??? Are we at war and with who? "With IT

general."Surely you joke my scientist friend.”from the size of

this bunker in the height of those shelves the artillery shells alone were enough

to take over a small country" " I wish it were so simple

general. This film will help explain." They moved to a film projector set up in a

far corner of the room that faced a light gray wall as a

projection screen. Test patterns and a count down commenced. 

The Russian national anthem played .Onscreen a

camera panned from snow-covered treetops to sky on a bleak

Russian winter day. In the sky hung five spheres as if on invisible strings.

One sphere much larger than the rest was surrounded in a boxlike pattern by the

rest. There were all the shiny jet black and as real as could be. The scene

changed to the angle of another camera.

40 mm anti-aircraft guns chugged through shells fired at the

spheres."Now watch" Fragments of smoke and dust hung in the air

around the spheres .The spheres though seemingly hit by the shells were not

effected .The smoke and shell fragments around all the craft

revealed a force field. “You see a distance away from the spheres appeares an

invisible zone which encountered by the shells cause them

to explode and render them useless.” Said the scientest." That's a neat trick, I'm

sure we want that" said the General " we surely do.”

Replied the scientist. “And because of the gravity of this situation I will tell you

that we can to a limited degree reproduce it but not

anywhere the strength you see here." I do believe Karlov that where looking at a

remotely piloted craft, sent by an unseen hand."" For

what purpose; sightseeing?" Quipped the general." They are nothing from this

earth of course"the general nodded he understood"we have,

my colleagues and I conversed for many hours about their intent. As they only

appear at remote locations  or taunt at secret military bases and just hover.

Their departure is to our best knowledge instantaneous, so

we think they wanted to be seen or as another possible motive are using their

displays as cover and are looking for something." "If they

were looking for something what was it, and did they find it"" we don't know and

there have been no sightings for several years. Now let's

skip this last film in this  series as this is quite brutal ,with Special

Services carting in

a battleship gun to no effect and a good half-dozen aircraft

reduced along with the pilots to scrap. To preface this next film of the

second series here is a

synopsis of this strategy we devised. At the word strategy the

general stiffened to his full height. We had illustrated to us by our uninvited

guests at every turn ,our ineffectual efforts in every instance.

They showed no offensive capabilities other than their mere presence. If we

were to learn of our visitors secrets we needed more force,

along with an opportunity to deploy it. Our intelligence services got wind of a

of a new weapon and developed through the collaboration of American and

former Nazi scientists  a new kind of weapon,a magnetic gun that could fire a

projectile at incredible speeds.

Our spies stole the

plans and at great cost to us were able to manufacture a ruff duplicate of their

early prototype projectile gun . When Stalin got scent of our

activities he gave us an impossible deadline of three months for a working gun,

or we were all to be shot with new replacements given

the same deadline. We did it! It was large bulky and difficult to aim but we had a

working electric cannon."" So was the big man was

pleased?" " Yes Stalin was pleased and gave us all the entire weekend off. But

my mind would not rest as the weapon was purpose built and

I knew failure would not be tolerated. “Yes I agree death is a great motivator

.”Interrupted the general.”Indeed it is general, indeed . With

paper and slide rule I did energy calculations on the largest energy we were able

to visit upon our interlopers with a force to centimeter

ratio and to my dismay that although the speed of the new electric gun was

tremendous, that it was not a significant order of magnitude

above the sheer mass and explosive power of our best battleship shells we

needed more--- something to give it an edge to break their

invisible armor. I slept in fits and starts that night .In a dream I saw not one but

two alien craft of radically different types. They moved at

lightning speed one even went in and out of visibility . Then in an instant,they

crashed into each other . Say what you will about dreams

Gen. Karlov ,but we all know they can be useful. “Let me remind you sir that

Division Z was my dream. “ Fired back the General.”Quite so”

continued the scientist. One of them ,the sometimes invisible craft cloaked

itself and accidentally or purposely ;I know not which ,rammed

the second craft. A huge explosion consumed both craft with pieces and chunks

flying ,disintegrating, moving in all directions. Time in my dream

slowed down and my interest was brought to bear on a particular piece of that

calamity. In my dream ,while its motion all but stopped ,the

sound continued on ,a crackle and a hiss like a great electrostatic discharge was

evident .It was a field effect generator from one of those

stupendous machines! That is to say it's heart, it's prime mover. I marveled at

the simplicity and power of it ,for although blown and

ripped from its respective craft ,it remained for the most part intact, protected

and shielded some way from that monumental explosion. It

was shielded perhaps by its own movement field. One of those craft had

powered up to the fullest extent possible, perhaps in a failed

attempt to avoid collision. A boiling orb of power fell seething into water. In my

dream,my view pulled away from the calamity to one

above the commotion. I recognize a landscape ,a time ,Tunguska 1908! As I

woke my mind I put aside the possibility that my dream was

just a dream because in the vivid detail of that state it was as real as if a granite

mountain. I quickly sketched a scene of the explosion,

the device and its relative location to the sun and moon and the location of

lakes in the area ,and the direction of travel of the power

supply. At the first opportunity that day I obtained a map of the area and

calculated a possible square-kilometer area .To be safe I

extended the circle to 10 kilometers needless to say Comrade that area had

been searched many times over the years but only to the

extent of the obvious blast on the landscape. My area of interest was outside

this zone to a factor of five .With special permission from the

Stalin himself I commandeered our biggest slowest bomber and crammed it full

of the most sensitive location equipment devices we

could find , borrow or hijack. I particularly wanted to focus on magnetic

anomalies. We were successful and after a weeks worth of flights

we have a definite hit on a huge fluxing magnetic field .After several more

flights we triangulated the anomaly to a particular lake filled

location. An expedition was then mounted to that remote location .We had to

hike in,as it was no territory for motorized land vehicles

.Using more locating equipment , we dug down five or so meters under a

shallow lake .There we found the largely intact field-effect

generator. It took several mud filled days to excavate it out with hand tools after

a make shift dike from logs and clay we formed around it

to hold away the water.. It took most of another day to use numerous blocks and

tackled devices to bring it up. It was about the size of a

large house chair but his weight was beyond belief! we later concluded that

much of the weight was from residual charge from when the

device was last operated and after studying and draining this charge it lost

much of its tremendous weight. All heady stuff my good

general.” The general unconsciously leaned forward as his mind and curiosity

were now fully engaged. “To move us forward “ Continued

the head scientist.”I'll skip the weeks and months we toiled over the device

dreading the phone call from one of Stalin's men saying that

we should rush our ungainly contraption of an electric gun into combat with our

taunting alien visitors. ” “So!” interrupted the general “To

summarize you were successful in cracking the science behind this device?”




“well general yes and no .The device it seems ,while damaged to an unknown

degree ,is still functioning .We dare not at this point ,without further in depth

study, even attempt to dismantle it. The alien generator was such that while still

running ,runs with no control by us. It has the ability to confer a charge like itself

to different materials,one of course being magnetized iron. It took time for a

charge to build up after use, the more time that passed between uses the

greater the charge.” “ To use that charge in conjunction with our electric gun ;

correct?”” General Karlov you're a quick one .Yes we did use it ,we ran a test

with an iron slug with a charge leached from the generator .The results were

fantastically greater speeds from the gun along with greater force applied to the

target. Then we stopped all our tests.

“If it is a magnetic gun as you say why not make up a battleship shell from iron

to heave even more explosive power at our visitors? “ Asked the general “ A

excellent idea general , one we entertained , however after doing some

calculations we found that the blistering speeds involved and possible friction

induced static charge might prematurely detonate an explosive shell in the

barrel of our cannon.

We wanted to be ready and we were. We charged our one iron shell to its

maximum and kept it in a lead lined box. And now to the film.” Dapier narrated

the soundless film ." One Friday about a year ago the call came . Alien activity

was increasing in the remote area of eastern Russia. From past patterns the

Home Command calculated that soon in this given area there was a possibility

of a another showdown .We dragged our magnetic gun up a road-less hill top

however we could . We were surrounded by numerous other mountain peaks .

The aliens had been spotted spotted canvassing the area again and again. A

dozen or so antiaircraft guns were placed on surrounding hilltops and on the

valley floor as cover. We even had a dilapidated semi-functioning antiaircraft

gun on our hilltop with a extra crew ,a trained crew to ape the actions of the

other gun emplacement units. “and the outcome ?”

“As predicted the alien ship arrived. Then just one like clockwork our AA

batteries opened fire even the one on our hill which shot blanks. As usual the

aliens paid us no heed as we  uselessly fired away at them. We slowly

powered up our electric gun , which had been carefully aimed at our non moving

single large target you see here. Then seconds before we fired our charged iron

bullet the ground of the valley floor exploded ! It was an AA emplacement and

all it’s ammunition ,gone along with it’s crew . As stray AA rounds whizzed past

our heads and exploded on the face of the mountain behind us we thought the

aliens were now attacking us ! We fired on the aliens! The effect was

immediately and profound . The shimmering blackness of the craft dulled ,the

whole thing wobbled and shook drifting to and fro slowly gaining altitude, as we

continued our pounding at it with AA guns with no effect .Then other craft

appeared and surrounded it and seemingly buoyed up the damage craft . This is

the end of our film. I preemptively told our men on the hill to abandon their

position and retreat to the valley. I was leery of the newly arrived craft as they

were different than any I recognized. All the men were more than happy to


As the alien armada slowly then swiftly gained altitude, a searing shaft of light

hit our

electric gun and exploded it along with all the blank ammunition of our decoy

gun. Metal fragments flew everywhere killing a few more men. We spent a

terrifying sleepless night hiding in the woods waiting for the aliens return. They

never came back. In the morning we collected our cameras ,data and what

equipment we could salvage . We buried our dead .It was then we were alerted

that someone had spotted a sphere that was apparently being pulled from it’s

entombment from the valley floor. I now have now have my doubts concerning

the validity of that line of reasoning. ” Dapier showed Karlov a grainy still photo

of a small dull gray sphere next to a man for scale. “It is thought that the aliens

were hoisting it up someway from where it was buried in the valley floor. We of

course took it back with us. I have no films or pictures of what is now happening

at our ultra-secret laboratory . I am not even allowed to tell you it’s location .

Perhaps I will be able to wrangle authorization for that later on . If not for our

ongoing problems at our facility we would never have met. Weeks later we were

able to open it with radio frequency tones .Or perhaps it just opened itself. It was

I believe; what could only be described as a womb or a stasis chamber.

General karlov glanced at his watch “This is quite fascinating however we must soon leave if we

are to be back by dark .I am sure somehow the story takes a

dark turn or you would not be here. After office hours I will go into this deeply with no prejudice

that your later discoveries might give. I will ruminate

over the facts so amply provided.”Dapire nodded a confirmation. The trip back to Gen. Karlov's

office was uneventful. When the general arrived he past a

note to his secretary telling her briefly about the alien  and  to stay when he dismissed the

interior guards to the outside. Then he spoke to his guards.

"Well gentlemen of Division Z our day is done here, please retire to the outside of the compound

and wait with the exterior guards for final dismissal."

With a crisp salute the interior contengent of his day guard complied."Dapire I would like to

introduce you to my wonderful girlfriend and most

trustworthy secretary ; Lonya. Dapire took her hand and kissed it like a Frenchman. The

General continued "while not psychic like my lovely Lonya I find

it a logical conclusion that we three shall be working hand in glove with each other for the

foreseeable future.Dapire smiled charmingly at the beautiful

secratery with a secret skepticism concerning the possibility that she was psychic." You're

wrong Dapire, I am psychic and a bit of a telepath too."She

replied out loud to his thoughts. His eyes widened as he threw up the best mental screen he

could muster. General Karlov chuckled as he knew the

thoughts going through the scientist's mind as he thought back to when his secretary had

revealed the extent of her abilities to him." She and I will meet

you back here at my office tomorrow 7 o'clock sharp for an early start. One more thing I need to

travel to this unknown facility for a meet with your

creature, agreed?Dapire nodded gravely,then turned to leave. "Wait !" Lonya blurted out. Do you

have anything with you it has been in close association

with the alien? Secondly can I keep it for a day or two?Dapier let out a low worried Sigh then

spoke "yes I do. However possession of it is without

permission . It officially went missing soon after the capsule was found.This means that when I

leave it in your permanent care I have no knowledge of it,

understood?"" My secretary and I understand completely comrade." The pretty blonde woman

nodded.Dapire went to the trunk of his car and after

rummaging around for a few minutes returned. He thrust a dilapidated cardboard box at her.

She waved him off and pointed at her boyfriend . General

Karlov the head of Division Z , took the ratty paper box with and alien artifact inside with a

solemn trepidation.Dapire smiled and tipped his hat and left.

The general drove them home in silence. He opened the front door clutching the box in a

powerful hand. The house and yard were well groomed, with a

24 hour guard around it. The interior of the house was altogether another matter. Rooms of

books in several languages were stacked floor to ceiling. In

places here and there were tables overflowing with various pieces of military equipment,

equipment which the general now and then improved upon. In

fact the only conventionally neat area was their kitchen and joint bedroom, kept that way of

course by Lonya.

© Copyright 2020 Rahn Gale. All rights reserved.

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